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How to get the perfect Afro Puff

29 March 2019
How to create an afro puff tutorial
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The modern woman is looking for simple and practical hairstyle ideas that are as easy to recreate as they are on the eyes. Luckily, Zimbabwean beauty Miriam Maulana (natural hair and lifestyle blogger) shows us how to achieve the perfect Afro Puff in just 6 simple steps. Before clicking play, make sure you’re equipped with Dark and Lovely’s Au Natural Afro Moisturizing Butter for hair that’s supple but without the greasy transfer.


How to create the Afro puff hairstyle

  1. Use Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Afro Moistirizing Butter to soften hair and help with styling.
  2. Section off the front part of hair, in line with your ears.
  3. French-braid the front section of hair in a twisting motion, running the braid along the section parting.
  4. Separate the remainder of the head into several sections and then braid the hair of these sections.
  5. Allow hair to completely dry and then unravel braids.
  6. Style to your liking and finally add a hairband for extra colour and flair.

How to create an afro puff tutorial
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