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Get the natural look: Curly twist style video tutorial

24 April 2019
Dark and Lovely How to Create a Curly Twist style
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The Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Afro Moisturizing Butter is your secret weapon for this natural hairstyle, protecting your sensitised locks from breakage and assisting with the formation of gorgeous curly twists. Watching a step-by-step video tutorial with one of our favourite hair queens is sure to make the process much more seamless. Happy twisting!


Your styling steps

  1. Apply Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Afro Moisturizing Butter to damp hair, ensuring it is evenly distributed throughout your hair.
  2. Use a comb to section your hair for flat twists.
  3. Flat twist your hair and secure with Bantu knots.
  4. Wait until these twists have air-dried sufficiently.
  5. Gently unravel the Bantu knots and flat twists, ensuring that you don’t tug on your hair.
  6. Use a wide-tooth comb to fluff and style the curly twists.
  7. Smooth the edges and tame any flyaways with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Plaiting Pudding Cream.
 Now, you’re ready to rock the day ahead. 
Dark and Lovely How to Create a Curly Twist style
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