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Beef up your thin hair with one of 8 volumising haircuts

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21 November 2018
Bob haircut medium length hair

While women who battle with frizz would just about kill for naturally silky-smooth hair, we understand that fine hair is not all it’s cracked up to be. If your thin hair makes you feel flat and lifeless, give it a lift with one of these volumising hairstyles for fine hair next time you visit the salon.


Tips to add oomph to fine hair


  1. Opt for a blunt cut that creates volume instead of layers.
  2. Keep your hair squeaky clean. Fine hair is prone to oiliness, and product build-up can weigh the hair down, making it look even flatter.
  3. Use products specially formulated for thin hair. We love L'Oreal Professionnel Série Expert Volumetry Root Spray with Salicylic Acid to lift the hair roots without oily residue. We also recommend Redken High Rise Volume Duo Volumizer with Filoxane to add weightless texture to fine hair.


Short hairstyles for thin hair


Pixie cut


The pixie cut is one of the best short hairstyles for fine hair and has many variations to suit different face shapes. Subtle layers make this cut easy to style.

Classic blunt bob


When it comes to haircuts for thin straight hair, the classic bob is incredibly stylish. Ask your hairdresser to cut it blunt with no layers at all for volume at the ends.


Angled blunt bob


Long at the front and short at the back - the angled bob has an interesting shape, while a blunt cut creates the illusion of weight at the ends.


The blunt lob


Have you seen a trend emerging? Short hairstyles for thin hair are best cut blunt. Although layers create texture, they also thin the hair out - especially short hair. Lob hairstyles for fine hair should be cut blunt just below your jaw to create swinging volume that brushes your shoulders.


Long and medium hairstyles for fine hair

Choppy layers

Layered hairstyles for fine hair work well on longer locks that are wavy or curly. Tell your stylist to cut only a few layers to enhance the texture and keep them blunt and choppy.


Midlength blunt cut


Again, blunt is best. Silky straight hair cut to a uniform length looks healthy while the blunt ends create volume.


Sideswept bangs


A fringe brushed to one side creates texture, interest and the illusion of fullness around the face. Bangs should be cut at a blunt angle to enhance silky straight hair.


Long all over


Long hair cut to a single blunt length has far more volume than shaggy layers, which thin the hair out. The ends should be cut sharp and straight.

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