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Long hair, short-time styles

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16 November 2018
Long dry hair

We’ve all been there – we adore our longer locks but the admin that comes with styling it has us wanting to chop them off! Not only does long hair require more haircare, it generally requires more time to maintain – from washing to drying and brushing, the works! No doubt, you want to make up for this lost time elsewhere. Fortunately, not every hairstyle for long-haired ladies has to be a time sink. We’ve got 5 time-saving classic and contemporary styles for women with long hair, for when they’re watching the clock.

The Tuck and Cover

To achieve this look, all you’ll need is a cute headband and the long locks you were born with. This style simply involves placing the band around your head, taking the hair that hangs loose, pulling it upwards and tucking it in. Easy, right? 
Brown hair in a chignon

The Twisted Bun

The great part about this look is it’s an effective go-to style for when your hair hasn’t had a wash in a while. Pull you hair up into a high pony and secure with an elastic band. Twist the loose ponytail and wind into a bun using bobby pins to hold it in place.

Brown hair in high bun with loose ends

Easy-Peasy Chignon

To achieve this look, tie your hair into a low ponytail before creating a hole in the hair just above the elastic band. Pass the ponytail section of your hair through the hole not once, but twice. Secure with bobby pins. Simple, elegant and fuss-free!
Blonde hair in chignon

Ponytail Done Differently

For this look, you’re going to want to separate your hair in a way that allows you to twist only the sides. Once you’ve done that, it’s as easy as securing with bobby pins while you scoop up the rest of your hair to tie into a ponytail. Voilà!

Thick blonde hair in curled ponytail

Half Up, Half Down

There’s a reason this hairstyle’s been around for as long as we can remember. It’s super easy but oh, so effective! Simply separate your hair into two halves, allowing the bottom part to hang free. Add a braid or two for added effect and you’re good to go!

Do you suddenly feel differently about the mane that hangs down your back? You should! Longer locks make for way more style options, so now it’s just about finding one (or more) that work for you.

Wedding braid
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