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Your top 3 bets to add more texture to your hair

22 November 2018
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Chances are, you don’t wake up to perfectly tousled, Instagram-worthy hair (if you do, we envy you), and your limp locks probably need a little kick in the behind (or a few products) to look texturised and full of body. Fear not, we have three solutions that will instantly add grit and dimension to your hair to liven up your daily hairstyle.

Braids with a twist


We all know that braiding your hair is an easy way to achieve those beachy waves without much effort, however, this often takes time and the braids have to be left in the hair for a couple of hours to have the desired effect. Speed up the process and create sexy movement by running a straightener over your braid(s). The heat will help lock in the wavy style for all-day texture.

Undone curls


Another way to oomph up the texture of your hair is to whip out your trusty curling iron. But instead of sitting there for ages perfecting each curl, use the curling iron to loosely curl the middle section of your hair, leaving your roots and ends in their natural state. The effect looks a lot more natural and texturised without any old-school ‘ringlets’ in sight.


It’s all about product


Our final tip is probably the most important one of all – the right product can completely transform your look and add believable texture to even poker-straight hair types. A salt-infused spray will help define the natural curl patterns of your hair; and a mattifying texture powder, such as Redken’s Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder, will add grit and thickness to your hair’s surface, making it the perfect product to apply before any kind of updo for all-day staying power.



The right product can completely transform your look and add believable texture to even poker-straight hair types.

Richard Nienaber National Education Manager Redken and Pureology South Africa

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