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With the right care, you can change your hair texture. True or false?

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14 May 2018
With the right care, you can change your hair texture. True or false? :  woman with curl pattern of hair
Hair texture is a very confusing term, as different people, use it in different ways. For some, texture refers to the curl pattern of hair. They may even interchange the use of ‘hair texture’ with ‘texturised hair’ – that is, how straight or curly your locks are. For others, hair texture can be only three things: fine, medium or thick (AKA coarse). Then there’s a third group that insist hair texture depends on a delicate interplay of both these elements: curl type and individual strand circumference.

Here on the Salon Secrets site, we’ve already detangled the confusion around hair texture. When we talk about hair texture we mean thin, medium or thick.

The Golden Question though is whether you can change your hair texture through the adoption of certain hair care practices? Browse around online and you’ll find all kinds of miracle cures, from popping a pill to applying special homemade hair masks. The reality is that you can change the appearance of your hair texture and certainly improve the health of your hair, but you can’t really change what grows out of your scalp follicles, as that’s genetically determined.

Taryn Bloem
, national education manager of L’Oréal Professionnel, explains, “The only time the texture of your hair will change is if your body has gone through some kind of hormonal change. Hair can change texture during puberty, while damaged hair may become curlier as its health improves.” 

More important than craving change is to embrace your texture type, style smart by keeping your hair’s strengths and weaknesses in mind, and ensure that your tresses are as healthy as possible. For example, if you have fine hair; shorter, highly structured cuts will help to create the illusion of volume. Plus, you can use products like Redken’s High Rise Volume series, which boosts body without weighing strands down. 

Women with thick hair, meanwhile, face the problem of shedding, frizz and hair that takes forever to dry. They’re also fearful of short, adventurous styles in case it results in a dreaded ‘triangle head’. L’Oréal Professional has developed a Mythic Oil subrange for thick hair, containing argan oil and myrrh extract. This luxurious combination of ingredients nourishes, strengthens and smooths thick hair for improved control. 

For the record, you can’t permanently force a curl change either. Although you can make use of styling aids like curlers and straighteners, or chemical treatments like perms and relaxers, they are all ultimately temporary measures.

If there’s a look you crave, and your texture and curl type suggests it’s impossible, it’s still a good idea to talk to a stylist. With their expert knowledge they may have a solution. Find your nearest salon here.
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