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Volumising hair powder – the what now?

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13 December 2018
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From computers to makeup, there’s always some new solution entering the market. One of the more recent innovations in the hair department is hair powder. An alternative to conventional hairspray, hair powder is a powerful styling tool that adds texture and volume to your locks. But how exactly does it work, and why is it a secret weapon for women who struggle with thin, fine, flat and perennially straight hair? Let’s look a little closer at the technology, and its benefits.


 Hair powder has several different names, and it’s definitely not to be confused with talcum powder. Volumising powder. Texturising powder. Hair dust. Grip dust. Volumising dust. Powder texturiser. Mattifying hair powder. Some professional-standard brand names to look out for include Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder, Redken Powder Grip 03 and L’Oréal TECNI.ART True Grip Texturizing Powder.


The way hair powder works is that it typically contains sand-derived silica silylate, which absorbs excess moisture and oil, and has a texture-generating effect. With more friction between strands, hair looks bulked up, amplifying the open waves and curls you’re no doubt going for.


Where you apply the powder – such as your roots or your ends – has different styling effects, but the most important thing to remember is to only use it on dry hair. Also, it’s best activated by gently scrunching sections of hair as opposed to vigorously rubbing it in. Limp locks can be reactivated the same way.


Volumising powder sounds more like “magic powder,’ right? It really is, but at the same time its unusual format can make hair powder a challenge to work with.  


Whatever you call it, hair powder is very handy for occasions where your hair needs a little extra “oomph,” like matric dances, weddings and ultra-glamorous evenings out. Visit your nearest salon  to investigate your powder product options.
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