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Pump up the impact of that first impression with this volumiser powder

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19 December 2018
Matrix Height Riser

For most of us, there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day. So, we’re sure there’s been many a time you’ve run out the door with uncooperative, limp hair – especially if you’re a fine- or thin-haired girl. Is there anything you can do to introduce some life to your locks without a blow dryer or other styling tools on hand? Actually, yes, it turns out there is.

Available from select salons, Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder is a relatively new arrival to South African shores. This product is a handy addition to your styling arsenal for a number of reasons. Number one is that it gives your hair instant volume. All you have to do is sprinkle a tiny amount on your roots (make sure your hair is dry), working on small sections of your scalp at a time. Then, lightly run your fingers through your hair to spread the lightweight powder evenly, and lightly scrunch your tresses – the fewer times the better. Boom, immediate “poof” and strong hold, without sacrificing shine or leaving any residue.


This kind of product is also a convenient way to add grip and texture, so if you’re battling to maintain curled styles or updos, apply a very small amount directly to the affected tresses. Again, squeezing will activate the powder’s boosting effect. Don’t rub, which could turn your locks dull.


You can read more about volumising powder – AKA grip dust – and how exactly it works, here but in summary, it contains silica silylate particles that remove excess oil and moisture from hair. This gives strands a rougher texture which means they generate friction between one another, stack up, and no longer lie flat.


The nice thing about Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder is that it’s long-lasting too. Once you’ve applied it, it’s going to stay until you wash it out. Even if you think the bulking effect is wearing off, all you need do is tousle your locks again to reactive it. This makes the powder ideal for special occasions with a long duration, like weddings and matric dances. Alternatively, use it to transition a day look into a casually messy, and definitely on-trend, style for a big night out.


P.S. Don’t be put off by that small bottle size. A little volumising powder goes a very long way. And this way it’ll fit conveniently in your handbag for hair resuscitation on the go.

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