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Big volume, not a big mistake – how to apply hair powder properly

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13 December 2018
African woman with long silky weave

For women who struggle with flat, fine and thin hair that won’t hold styles, hair powders are practically magic. Thanks to the texture-generating technology behind them, these volumising and mattifying products can instantly poof up limp locks and hold them, creating a real sense of body – no teasing and blow-drying necessary.


However, applying a powder texturiser, like Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder, has its own set of challenges. Even if it comes in a spray bottle, like a dry shampoo or normal hairspray, using it is not a simple case of spray and go. To get application right, and maximise the impression of hair lift and life in the process, follow these steps:


  1. Hair powders are best applied to dry hair. Used on wet or still-damp hair, they may leave a noticeable residue. Also, this kind of grip dust works by removing excess moisture and oil. Too much water will prevent the product from performing as intended: namely providing a fresh, fluffy look and improved manageability.

  2. Don’t be put off by small bottle sizes. A little texturising powder goes a very long way. Sprinkle straight from the bottle onto your hair. Alternatively, apply a small amount to your palms and then spread it evenly through your locks with your fingers. Start with a tiny amount and increase if necessary. We recommend the straight-from-the-bottle method as it’s less messy.

  3. Remember that where you apply the powder on your strands makes a big difference. Need more oomph at the roots? Lightly dust there. Require more definition for your carefully-styled waves and curls? Focus your powdering efforts on the mid-lengths and tips. Want to give a short style a piecey effect? Apply strategically to sections of hair.

  4. To make your life easier, and maximise the powder’s benefits, don’t overwork your look after applying. As these products create a sense of body by generating friction between strands, over-vigorous styling will see you fighting your volumised locks – and no doubt leave you frustrated! So, don’t rub. Simply tousle or gently scrunch your hair in sections instead. You’ll see the results immediately.

  5. Hair powder is surprisingly long-lasting. You can even reactivate it later in the day by simply scruffing and squeezing your tresses a little. As it’s difficult to brush out, though, it’s best removed with a normal shampoo wash.

Now you’re equipped to make this versatile styling product a regular life-saving part of your routine. To pick up a professional-quality volumising powder, and receive a few more application tips, visit your nearest salon.
Hair powder is surprisingly long-lasting. You can even reactivate it later in the day by simply scruffing and squeezing your hair a little.

Hayley Katzer Matrix Regional Education Developer

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