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How to stimulate your scalp and promote hair health

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03 October 2018
How to stimulate your scalp and promote hair health : women conditioning hair
If you’ve gone to the ends of the earth looking for methods to encourage faster, healthier hair growth, then you’re in need for a hair-habits update.  We’ve got the most trusted techniques to stimulate your scalp and turn your slow-growing inches into princess-like tresses. Here’s what you’ll need to do. 

Oil scalp massage

The number one treatment for stimulating hair growth is a scalp massage. This method has been used by many cultures throughout history and has a long track record of working to create healthier scalps – and therefore healthier hair. Try something like Mizani Supreme Oil Hair Treatment, which will moisturise your scalp, while gentle massaging stimulates blood circulation and hair follicles for longer, healthier hair in the long term. 

Use natural-bristled brushes

A brush made of boar bristles stimulates the scalp when hair is brushed twice daily from the roots. These brushes are loved for improving hair texture, preventing frizz, and also increasing blood flow to the scalp. The natural bristles are also softer, making them easier to comb through hair and great at preventing breakage.    

Weekly clarifying wash

All the oils on your scalp, not to mention product build-up, could be preventing your hair from growing to its fullest potential. A clarifying shampoo like Pureology Purify Shampoo is formulated to remove the dirt and impurities clogging the follicles in your scalp. This shampoo can be used for a weekly wash, but shouldn’t replace your regular shampoo. 

Eat protein rich foods

Your hair is made from protein, so naturally, eating protein rich foods will benefit your hair growth. These foods include meat, eggs and dairy, as well as beans, nuts and soy products for vegetarians. B complex vitamins like biotin have also been proven to improve hair health and growth, so consider adding a protein-rich multivitamin to your daily regime.  

Use these tips all together, or the one most suitable for your lifestyle and hair type. Your path to longer locks begins with adopting these healthy hair habits and committing to using quality products. Remember – a healthy mane starts with a healthy scalp, and involves keeping the strands moisturised as you work your way, inch-by-inch, to the length of your wildest hair-dreams!
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