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How to effectively wash your scalp when you have braids

16 August 2018
How to effectively wash your scalp when you have braids
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Braids are a convenient and fabulous way to keep hair protected, especially while it’s growing. However, all the hair oils and moisturisers you use to keep braids fresh can lead to product build-up over time. There is a persistent misconception that braids don’t need washing. This is untrue. It’s not only possible, but important, to wash away the dirt and product build-up – and you can do this without loosening the connection keeping your installed braids tied to your hair. Since braids expose your scalp, most of the product you use to keep your braids fresh is probably sitting right on the skin’s surface, so it’s essential the scalp be cleaned properly. Here’s how to get it done right. 

What you’ll need: 

 Clarifying shampoo
 Moisturising conditioner

Step 1: Using a clarifying shampoo, like Mizani Scalp Care Shampoo, will remove the dead skin cells and dirt from your scalp. If you’re in a shower, wet your hair until saturation point, before applying a coin-sized amount of shampoo directly onto the scalp. 

Step 2: Gently massage the shampoo into your hair using your fingertips, with careful consideration for your scalp. Do not scrub. This will cause your roots to frizz up and loosen the binding of your braids. For a thorough wash, run your fingers around each braid or in-between each track of your cornrows. Once your scalp is clean, let water run over your scalp so it can thoroughly wash out the shampoo. 

Step 3: Now we move onto the conditioner. Apply Mizani Rose H20 Conditioning Hairdress or Dark and Lovely Braid Spray directly onto the scalp and make sure to get into each row or gaps in the hair. If you’re in the shower, look down and massage your head, then gently draw the conditioner through the length of your braids. 

Step 4: Proper drying is an important step to preventing future irritation. Yes, we know it takes ages to dry braids but leaving them damp can cause nightmarish scalp irritations. To avoid this, the best option is to use heat to dry hair quicker and more efficiently. More specifically, use a hairdryer with temperature adjustments so you can set it to the lowest temperature possible. Hold the dryer a few centimetres away from your braids and begin from the roots, working your way down the length of each braid to the tips. Don’t stop until the hair is completely dry. Once dry, use Mizani 25 Miracle Milk to keep hair fresh and moisturised. 

A few other points to bear in mind:

• Don’t forget to wash the back of your head and other neglected areas. 
• Take caution when washing twists; they’re most prone to unravelling. 
• Always be gentle with your scalp. 
• When in doubt, make an appointment and speak to your stylist. They have the expert knowledge to keep your hair healthy and looking great
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