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Dry Scalp: Three Causes And Three Fixes

09 March 2018
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Dry, itchy scalp can really ruin your day. Even the knowledge that you’re not alone (it’s one of the most common hair problems out there) probably doesn’t make you feel better. Fortunately, there are steps you can take and products you can use for a consistently healthy, nourished scalp.

First up though, what causes dry scalp? According to Richard Nienaber, Business Developer Educator for Redken, and Candice Jonker, Kérastase Business Development Educator, these are the top four reasons:

  1. Stress
  2. A fear that moisturising and conditioning the scalp will lead to oiliness and extra weight on the hair
  3. Pollution
  4. Hormones and lifestyle changes, including diet, medication, pregnancy, and shifts between humid and dry climates.

Richard and Candice also provided treatment recommendations for these common causes of dry scalp.


Richard notes that stress-triggered dry scalp becomes an even bigger problem when people self-diagnose themselves as having dandruff, instead of getting a professional opinion. He explains, “Dandruff is totally different to dry scalp, and anti-dandruff products can make a dry scalp even drier and more irritated.”

For dry scalp sufferers, he recommends Redken’s Soothing Balance Shampoo. As part of the Scalp Relief range, it offers targeted solutions for dandruff, oiliness and a sensitive scalp.

Fear of moisturising and conditioning

Refusing to moisturise a dry scalp is pretty much the same as skipping moisturiser for your face and skin. You probably wouldn’t do it. Yet people worry about applying conditioner directly to the scalp, even after stylists endorse it.

Although Richard suggests people apply a product whenever their scalp feels dry, he does present an alternate strategy for clients worried about oiliness and product build-up. “A new approach is to use scalp oils that are applied pre-shampoo and then washed off.” For home use, Redken’s All Soft Argan-6 Oil is a good choice because of its intense natural nourishing properties.


Candice has a lot to say about the effects of pollution, and how Kérastase has tackled this dry scalp cause. “Kérastase has researched the perfect, powerful combination complex of antioxidants to combat the effects of pollution. L-carnosine protects against internal aggressions, vitamin E prevents against external aggressions and moringa extract has an anti-pollution action.”

Kérastase Masque Hydra-Apaisant is an example of one treatment that features this potent combination of anti-dry scalp ingredients. It should be applied to the scalp so that hair can best enjoy its renewal function. 

Lifestyle change and hormones*

It turns out that when it comes to medication, hormonal and general chemical changes, the scalp is often the first place to be affected. Richard encourages combined use of Redken’s Scalp Relief Soothing Balance Shampoo and All Soft Argan-6 Oil in these situations. Candice, meanwhile, identifies three highly effective Kérastase treatments from the Spécifique line. Hypoallergenic Bain Vital Dermo-Calm is ideal whether you have combination or dry hair, while Bain Riche Dermo-Calm is the best solution for soothing dry scalp and dry hair.

These science-backed, professional products are available for purchase at salons, so that you can continue a salon-level dry scalp treatment at home with maximum effectiveness.

*Always consult your medical practitioner if you believe any of these issues may be contributing to the dryness problem.

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