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The difference between dry shampoo and hair powder

25 March 2019
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Dry shampoo we’re sure you’re familiar with by now, especially if you suffer from oily hair. If not, Hair powder is a newer concept, though, especially in South Africa. If you want a bit more information on hair powder, also known as volumising powder, texturising powder, grip dust and powder texturiser, 



The point is that it’s quite easy to confuse these products because of the similar way that they work, as well as their sometimes very similar formulations. Don’t though, because they have different purposes.


Hair powders, like Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder, are styling aids. By sprinkling a small amount of powder onto your roots or selected sections of hair, it provides extra volume and texture for you to work with. Flat, fine hair instantly bounces back to life with a gentle scrunch or two of your locks. This happens because the powder contains mineral silica silylate, which not only absorbs excess oil and moisture, but bonds incredibly well with hair strands. When the jagged particles bump against each other, they create friction between individual hairs, helping them to stand and stack. Boom, an immediate impression of volume, plus bonus control.

Matrix Play Back Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos, meanwhile, like Matrix Play Back Dry Shampoo, are a bit more diverse in their ingredients, if not their function. Used primarily to refresh greasy-looking, limp hair (remember to only apply to dry tresses!), dry shampoos often contain things like cornstarch, talc, clay and alcohol, which are excellent at absorbing excess scalp oil and impurities – helping you extend the life of your desired look.


Considering their sebum-absorbing abilities, and the fact that some dry shampoos are basically powder in aerosol format, you can understand why people confuse them with volumising powders.


FYI, there is a misbelief that you can replace a conventional hair wash with an application of dry shampoo but that’s not the case. Dry shampoo may help in an emergency but you do still need to wash your hair to remove dirt and impurities – which dry shampoo cannot do. It doesn’t have a cleansing and clarifying function; what it is doing is removing oil which makes your strands feel lighter.


Now that you have a better understanding of these two different products, you probably have worked out what you need in your life. To get your hands on professional-quality haircare solutions, visit your nearest salon. 

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