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Oily Hair

Quick fixes and day savers for oily hair

20 September 2018
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Is there anything worse than washing your hair only to find an oily part once its dried? We know the answer to this one – there isn’t. So, instead of immediately turning to the baby powder or dry shampoo; or, worse, a frumpy hat stashed at the back of your cupboard, why not try these modern ways to tackle oil? They’re tried, trusted, and all-day reliable.  
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Switch up the shampoo

While it’s common to think that using a shampoo specific to oily hair is the trick, sometimes these products can make things worse. Because these cleansers tend to strip hair of its natural oils, your body often overcompensates to get the oils back, resulting in greasy hair. So, a clarifying shampoo is the answer to your woes. These shampoos remove the oily build up, without disrupting the natural moisture balance of your hair. Try Kerastase Specifique Bain Duvalent Shampoo, an ideal solution for greasy, damage-prone hair. Alternate with your normal shampoo for the best results. 

Ease up on the cleansing

 Shampooing your hair too frequently is another common cause of oily hair. You may think scrubbing it often rids your hair of grease, but it’s another factor that makes things worse. Again, over-washing strips your hair of the natural oils we spoke about, causing an overproduction of oil on the scalp. So, stick to cleansing your hair a maximum of 2-3 times a week – and when you do, make sure you rinse thoroughly to prevent product build-up. 

Leave your hair alone

This relates to both your brushing habits and touching your hair – too much of both is bound to result in a greasy mane. When it does come time to brush out those locks, do so from root to tip, using a natural-bristled brush as this can often help prevent roots from getting oily. Combing your hair in a way that distributes oils evenly throughout also helps, so switch it up every so often and brush in sections from tips to roots. Then, keep those mitts away from your hair. It may seem like a no-brainer but no matter how clean your hands are, constantly fiddling with your tresses can result in an oily mess. 

Follow these tips, and grease-free hair should be yours. If, however, you find that none of the above approaches are working for you, consult a hair professional. They’ll be able to recommend a treatment regime specific to your needs. Find the expert nearest to you today, with our Salon Locator.
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