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Bad hair day quick fixes

29 August 2018
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Everyone has had one of those days: you wake up with frizzy, flyaway hair and curls that refuse to be tamed. The good news? These hair woes, while hugely frustrating, are fixable. With a few tips and tricks, not to mention the right hair products, you’ll be able to quickly restore some control and carry on with your day. Here are a few ways to conquer those bad hair days.

Tackle that Texture

On the days you’ve woken up with some of your strands flying in different directions and others tightly locked into knotted, uncooperative curls (read: a hot mess), cut your losses and bring out the big guns. Apply Mizani’s Original Butter Blend Relaxer to your stubborn tresses and brush through until your hair is smooth. Next, tie that mane into a high bun on top of your head, smoothing any loose strands with the butter blend. The result? A sleek and stylish hairstyle that’s perfectly under control throughout the day.

afro bun hair

Goodbye Grease

A problem more commonly seen with Caucasian women is waking up with greasy hair. While the causes vary, it doesn’t make the problem any less annoying. So, before you reach for the dry shampoo, we recommend hair spray as an alternative. Spray some Matrix Biolage Complete Control Hairspray on your roots to combat excess sebum and help make your hair bouncy again. Simple as that! As for dry shampoo fans, Matrix Biolage Advanced Full Density Blow Dry Extending Dry Shampoo gently cleanses and has special advantages for thinner hair, leaving it looking and feeling fuller.

blonde balayage hair

Conquer those Curls

No matter your hair’s texture, we can all agree there’s nothing worse than unruly curls. Instead of attempting to get a brush through your locks, try applying Redken’s Curvaceous Ringlet Shape-Perfecting Lotion. This anti-frizz lotion reigns in curls with gentle control, soft hold and shiny finish. Enjoy looking like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

thick curly hair

Sneaky Styling

One of the best ways to tackle those bad hair days is to get creative when it comes to styling – and a great style makes for a great disguise when your hair just won’t cooperate. Nowadays, more and more women are embracing hair accessories that not only complement an outfit but hide stubborn locks too. We love the idea of using a head scarf for the days you just can’t be bothered to deal with your hair. It’s super stylish and no one ever needs to know what’s hiding beneath it.

head wrap african women

So, before cowering under the duvet when faced with a bad hair day, try these alternatives. They’ll have your confidence back in no time.

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