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Weave bad habits are the worst... for hair loss

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03 October 2018
Weave bad habits are the worst... for hair loss : african women long hair with highlights
Weaves can be a reliable protective style to give your hair a break and let it recover after too much processing. But, bad habits can turn this protector into your biggest hair enemy, and even result in permanent hair loss. Take a look at some of these bad weave habits you need to stop immediately. 

Wearing it too long

Weaves are meant to be a short-term style to give your real hair a break from processing. Your weave worn for too long in a state of tension and suspension will eat away at your hairline. Even the most excellent-quality weave, with flawless installation and perfect maintenance, should only be kept in for a maximum two months. 

Tight installation

Wearing sewn-in weaves that are too tight can cause inflammation of hair follicles which could lead to traction alopecia. Overly tight weaves are also unnecessary because all the conventional installation methods are enough to secure it. When you get a weave, make sure you ask your salon stylist to ensure the installation is left loose. 

Glue installation

Many people still prefer glue installation because it’s meant to be less harmful than sew-ins with their created tension. However, hair glues and other adhesives applied to the scalp are known to clog pores on the hairline, harming follicle health and affecting growth. Limit your usage of glue extensions as much as possible.

Short waiting period

So, you’ve just removed your weave when the latest trend blows up and you install a new one immediately. Wearing weaves back-to-back is a bad decision that will quickly lead to hair damage and possible loss. Your real hair needs time to regrow, breathe and recover from suspension and tension styles.

For many women, weaves are an investment to secure gorgeous locks. Don’t accidentally turn them into a tool that ends up damaging your real hair – it will be an expensive mistake that could cost you your precious real hair. 
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