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Hair Loss

Managing the 3 main types of hair loss

04 October 2018
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You’ve hopefully already read about the three main ways that you lose hair (if you haven’t yet, click here)   Now that you know what causes hair loss, here are three strategies to combat, or at least manage it to get your growth goals back on track.

Medical hair loss

A number of medical conditions – from autoimmune disease to hormonal imbalances - can cause hair loss. To combat these, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor. Following a diagnosis, a professional will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment, probably in the form of medication. As vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to hair loss, consider taking a daily supplement and rethinking your diet to maximise the nutrition your strands and those all-important follicles sprouting them receive.

Natural hair fall

Everybody loses an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day through simple biology. Each strand on your head goes through a natural 4-stage cycle, including stages of growth, rest and shedding. So, there’s not much you can do about hair loss of this nature. However, as there is a seasonal side to hair loss – with it naturally ramping up in cold, dry winter months Increased winter hair loss – is it a reason to worry] – you can work to minimise additional shedding by keeping your strands well nourished and protected against dryness-related breakage. Mimmi Biggar, a Dark and Lovely Brand Educator, recommends the use of Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol+ Intensive Treatment at least monthly to aid suppleness and strength, in addition to a twice-weekly application of an oil moisturiser. 

Traction alopecia and styling-related breakage

Finally, there’s hair loss that stems from styling bad habits. If you’d like to learn more about traction alopecia, click here but, in short, it relates to overly-tight styles (like braids and glued-in weaves) worn for too long, which put too much tension on your strands. Repeated over and over, the result is hair loss and thinning, especially at the hairline. To combat this type of hair loss, simply avoid or take regular breaks from such pulling styles. Also introduce a protective leave-in product like Mizani 25 Miracle Milk to your hair routine, especially when using heat, as this will safeguard your strands.

Remember: if you’re not sure what type of hair loss you’re experiencing, speak to a hair professional. A stylist at a reputable salon will be able to provide an assessment of your locks’ condition and identify possible causes for any hair loss you’re experiencing. Find your nearest salon here.
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