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Hair and pregnancy: What to expect when you're expecting

28 August 2018
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While your body is working overtime to protect that little bun in the oven, it’s normal for the rest of you to feel effects because of the process. Your hair is one thing that’s certain to change after falling pregnant, and that’s okay. In fact, you may find yourself welcoming these changes with open arms. We’re looking at how your mane could become different during pregnancy, and the reasons why it does.

Growth Spurt

A lot of women find that their hair grows much faster during pregnancy. This happens because of the hormones secreted by the body, which, as an added bonus, also help to slow down hair loss. These changes don’t last long, though, with things generally getting back to normal once your baby is born or once you stop breastfeeding.

Healthier, Shinier, Thicker

Along with greater hair growth, you may find your tresses looking and feeling better while baby is on board. Think lustrous, fuller and less prone to breakage. Just be aware that once the period of magic pregnancy hair health eventually comes to an end, you might also be faced with the opposite effect – with hormone-related hair loss often occurring after birth.

Opposites Attract

Pregnancy wreaks havoc on the estrogen levels in a woman’s body, which can in turn completely change the texture of your hair. Women with once-straight hair may find themselves with curls for days, while those used to their curls might find they no longer need a straightening iron! On the plus side, you get to experience what it’s like on the other side of the spiral spectrum for a while.

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