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Guys vs girls: Who loses more hair?

10 October 2018
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At first glance, it seems obvious. Everyone knows that guys are more likely to suffer from hair loss than women. There’s the term male pattern baldness after all – also called androgenic alopecia – where men see their hairlines receding and hair thinning on the crown of their head because of a combination of hormones and genetics. With 30-50% of the male population experiencing this to some effect by the age of 50, and the fact that the process can start as far back as a man’s early twenties, hair loss seems like a much bigger issue for the male sex.
In the home though, you might develop the opposite opinion – that women lose more hair than men! You only need to look at the strands caught in the shower drain, or rolling across the floor in tangles like mini tumbleweeds. At times, it may seem like women’s strands are everywhere, primarily because they’re usually longer and therefore more noticeable.

So, what is the truth? In general, who loses more hair? 

Here are some facts. The average person – man or woman – loses 50 to 100 hairs a day. This said, if you have less, or thinner hair, you’ll notice this loss more acutely than people with thick, luscious locks. For guys with a short cut, and ladies with intensely coiled hair, the same applies. You’ll probably see the difference.

Another thing to note is that while women may also suffer from genetic or hormonal hair loss, it generally happens after the age of 50. Before that, hair loss in women can have several causes, with one of the major reasons being bad habits around styling, such as overdoing overly tight hairstyles, relaxing hair too frequently and having the temperature set to searing when straightening your locks. Learn more here.

In summary, it’s not really a case of “who loses more hair?” Like comparing apples and oranges, men and women typically experience hair loss in very different ways. The bigger issue is what you can do to keep your strands healthy as they grow, so that there’s less breakage and hair thinning. 

Mashooda Essop, a Mizani Sales advisor, has some advice for men and women suffering from hair loss. She explains, “Look for scientifically-developed products that contain vitamin E, Omega-9 and coconut oil. These ingredients nourish hair strands and the all-important follicles that hair sprouts from, helping strands to grow strong and healthy.” 

Essop also has two specific range recommendations. First is Mizani Strength Fusion, which helps repair damaged hair fibres, seal in strength and fortify the scalp. Second is Redken’s Cerafill Hair Thinning Solutions series, which is ideal for chemically treated hair. Essop explains, “Cerafill works extremely well at treating hair loss and thinning. It may not be a traditional option for African women but these products are used by many people with high-texture hair because of how the formulations contribute to thicker, fuller-looking strands.”  

Man or woman, you can now give your hair loss story a happy ending. Find these salon-exclusive products at your nearest hairdresser stockist.
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