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Good News For Your Hairline

08 March 2018
Good News For Your Hairline
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Hallelujah! African hair has its own set of everyday management challenges, but finally the days of trying to tug back and tame baby hairs are done. Of course, you can if it’s part of your look, but know you don’t have to. International stars and local celebs are embracing the, erm, Embrace Method, where those frustrating wisps at your hairline are incorporated into memorable signature styles.

If the term “baby hairs” sounds odd to you, then maybe you use “edges” instead? We’re talking about those short, softer hairs at the edge of your hairline. You know, the ones that always seem to escape every attempt to tie them back or flatten them down? The same hairs that never seem to grow any longer?

The thing is, baby hairs are very fragile. They’re very easy to damage and break off entirely. This becomes a serious problem when you’re continually pulling on them, trying to force them into braids, for example. Too much strain on your edges and scalp from too-tight hairstyles can lead to a dreaded thinning or receding hairline. These are huge concerns, especially for women with African hair.

At least now though, you don’t have to hide your baby hairs. We spoke to Sonnyboy Magano, the founder and creative director of Sonnymagic Hair and Beauty Lounge in Craighall Park, Johannesburg. His expert opinion is that edges have become a perfect way to round off any hairdo as their own style element. “You can gel and tame your baby hairs out the way, but these days you can use them to create intricate and memorable patterns.

Sonnyboy recommends that if you want to play around with your baby hairs at home, the first weapon in your control and styling arsenal should be a tub of Mizani Edge Taming Gel. It offers the high hold and dry finish you want, but it’s effective without mineral oil and petrolatum in its formula. Instead, Mizani Edge Taming Gel includes anti-breakage ceramides, vitamin E, natural oils and non-drying alcohol. You can smooth your baby hairs and know they’re getting lots of good stuff, including protection against heat damage.

You can buy your Mizani Edge Taming Gel from professional hair stylists like Sonnyboy. Find your nearest salon here.

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