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Best styles for a receding hairline

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23 July 2018
Best styles for a receding hairline

A receding hairline occurs when the hair on your head recedes from your natural hairline on the top and sides of the forehead. It’s a common problem among both men and women – especially African women – and while the causes can vary from genetics and hormonal changes to chemical treatments and harsh styling, we’re looking at ways to mask the problem, and prevent further damage while your hairline rests.

Embrace the Natural

For women with tight curls and coils, allowing your natural hair to grow is the easiest way to prevent further damage because you’re not using a weave or thin braids that pull on the hairline – making it worse. The chemicals used in relaxers can cause an inflammation of the hair follicle, leading to scarring and hair loss. So, when it comes to embracing your natural hair, choose a flat iron to achieve a straighter look, and a non-chemical technique for curling, like roller-setting your hair.

Opt for thicker braids

While thinner braids pull tightly on your hair and cause damage, opting for thicker, lighter braids is a great way to rock this trendy look while hiding that receding hairline. Thicker braids require a lot more of your hair for each braid. This gives your hair strands more support to hold the braid, which in turn means it’s less likely the braid will pull on overburdened strands and break them.

Best styles for a receding hairline

Wear a Wig

Wearing a wig is a great alternative to a weave. It looks just as good but does no damage to your receding hairline. Wigs mean no tension on the hair, and the best part is that you can take them off at night, allowing your hair and scalp to breathe and heal. The biggest advantages of wigs: they can conceal receding hairlines and they provide the opportunity to show off a new natural hairstyle as often as you’d like!

Best styles for a receding hairline

Can-do Cornrows

Getting braiding hair installed for cornrows is a great opportunity to give your natural locks a break, and can camouflage thin hair at the same time. A further plus of this African hairstyle is that it doesn’t strain the hairline when put in correctly – so visit a stylist who specialises in this type of installation. One final point: it’s important your stylist cornrows your hair from back to front, or sideways. As soon as you start cornrowing from front to back, there will be an added strain on strands and scalp. No matter the cornrow styles, make sure to moisturise them and your scalp regularly and sleep on a satin pillowcase to protect against damaged hair 

Best styles for a receding hairline

Before rushing off to try one of the above looks, it’s important to first visit your stylist to determine just how damaged your hairline truly is. Not only will they be able to recommend a hairstyle best suited to you, but they’ll also know what products to suggest helping with the recovery of a receding hairline.

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