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Summer, Humidity And African Haircare. Stay Stylish With These Top Tips

09 March 2018
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This is one for the KZN sisters. Because in Durban, you feel wetter after you’ve stepped out the shower. Whether you have a weave, relaxed hair or a natural style, all that extra moisture in the air can completely wreck your ‘do.

Ever wondered what exactly wet heat does to African hair? The most obvious thing is frizz. Your hair turns curlier in humid conditions (and in the rain too!) because hair strands are porous, and when moisture enters those pores it bonds with the keratin proteins inside your hair. The result is that individual strands plump up, changing density and shape. As this absorption process isn’t uniform, your hair goes wilder than an 18-year-old during Matric Rage.

If you have natural African hair, you may also notice hair length practically vanishing before your eyes. Shrinkage occurs because humidity causes the intense coils of your hair to compact like springs.

Fortunately, you can keep humidity – that sweaty stylist! – at bay with these three tips.

Use lighter haircare products

If you’re dealing with annoying shrinkage, the last thing you want to do is add weight to your curls, compressing them further. Avoid heavy masks, moisturisers and butters.

Condition and style

Maybe you read Tip #1 and thought, “Hey, it’s summer. I don’t need to moisturise at all.” Don’t make that mistake. Your best weapon against humidity is regular maintenance that doesn’t skimp on nourishing. Conditioning is especially important as it creates a protective barrier between the hair core and moisture in the air. This helps to prevent excess water absorption.

For extra hair manageability, and frizz-fighting, use lightweight styling products, like Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend, which will help set your look the way you want, and won’t turn hair hard. In the case of Shine Extend, this professional finishing spritz has an anti-humidity effect so you can enjoy soft, sleek and heat-protected hair all day.

Change up your style

If you have natural hair, and humidity is really getting you down, consider protective styles. You may think they’re reserved for winter, when dryness is hair’s greatest threat, but protective styles have their uses in summer too. Braids, twists and Bantu knots are a great deterrent against shrinkage, because they prevent strands from curling up on themselves. They will also help you feel cooler overall, as hair isn’t touching your sweaty skin.

Look cool and feel cool all summer long by following these top “hair vs humidity” tips.

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