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No more frizz: how to get the sleek salon look

17 July 2017
Stylist spraying hairspray on client with curly hair
Nicole Vince

Nicole Vince

Hair journalist

Nicole is a hair and beauty journalist with a particular fondness for the latest bright hair colours. There isn't a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

You leave the salon with luscious, bouncy locks sporting a shine you never thought possible, but after you wash it, it’s back to its usual dry and undisciplined ways – the repetitive story of frizzy hair. We asked Céline Marquet-Gonzales, French Mizani hair expert, to decode the mystery of how your hairdresser manages to endow your tresses with that unrivalled sleekness every time.

The specific nature of frizzy hair

Big, frizzy ‘dos can be beautiful if it’s looked after in the right way, but it’s not always easy to do so. This is due to the unique composition of the strand, which is very different to that of straighter hair: “frizzy hairs are flat and shaped like a figure of eight, which creates its kinks, and there are also many irregularities and twists, which make it the most fragile hair type”, Céline explains. “It is also incredibly dry, adding to its brittleness”. This unique makeup therefore requires a very specific type of treatment, which your stylist (but maybe not always you!) will have down to a tee.

How to look after frizzy hair in the salon-recommended way

If you have locks that are hard to manage, it is likely that you have personalized your haircare regimen to a certain extent – whether that’s by using an adapted shampoo, or a nourishing serum.

Nicole Vince Hair journalist

However, this alone is not always enough to be left with tresses that sport a salon-fresh look. According to our curl guru, “at a minimum, people with frizzy hair should have 4 steps in their haircare routine, and ideally 5”, highlighting the stark difference between care for normal hair (sometimes surviving with simply a shampoo and conditioning treatment!) and that of the frizzy variety.

“Firstly, you should thoroughly cleanse your hair with an adapted product such as Mizani Puriphying Shampoo. This is a step that most people don’t know the importance of – just as you wouldn’t moisturize a face full of makeup, it is necessary to rid your hair of sebum and impurities so that your nourishing products can work optimally. This should then be followed by a normal shampoo and conditioner, and then by a mask or leave-in treatment, such as Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. A leave-in product like this is significantly more intensive than any of your ‘normal’ haircare products, so can naturally award you with a portfolio of richer benefits”. If you have frizzy hair, your hair stylist will usually execute these 5 necessary steps that will leave you with the sleek locks you crave.

A professional blow-dry is key to obtain optimal sleekness

As well as a tailored haircare regimen, the sleek look you get after a trip to the salon is also thanks to the top-notch tools hair stylists have at their disposal. They have an arsenal of brushes to pick from (since brushes should always be personalized to your hair type), as well as good quality irons and blow-dryers. Many salons use ionic dryers, which emit negative ions and consequently cause the positive ions in the water on your hair to evaporate faster, giving your stylist more control over your hair’s end look (and frizz).

Additionally, your hair stylist has the freedom to easily navigate around your mane with their dryer, enabling them to dedicate the necessary heat to every bit of your hair – meaning that no strands are left damp, taming frizz. Naturally, this is very hard to execute solo, as you cannot have full visibility of your hair, nor can you easily reach every part. Therefore, to obtain ultimate sleek results, it’s always advised to seek the expertise of your hair stylist!

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