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Four points to consider when buying a new hairdryer

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25 May 2018
Four points to consider when buying a new hairdryer : woman with hairdryer
Gone are the days when we picked the cheapest hair appliances off the shelf. Nowadays, there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to buying the best blow-dryer for your natural hair. Cost is one, but as heat damage is a major concern, things like adjustable heat settings, drying technology and wattage are also important. Here are four points to keep in mind before making that purchase. 

#1. Adjust those Settings

It’s important to look for a hairdryer that has a high and low setting. The higher setting can be used to get most of the moisture out of your wet hair (without it burning), while the lower setting is ideal for styling. You’ve hit the jackpot if you find one with three settings for varying drying options, which are sure to prevent any damage to your hair. If, however, you’d rather take every precaution when it comes to heat protection, pre-treatment is key. Try Mizani’s Thermastrength Heat Protection Serum – a perfect hair primer for use before blow-drying, curling or straightening with hot tools. 

#2. All About Wattage 

Nobody has time to stand around while their hair dries, so find a blow-dryer with a higher wattage in order to prevent this. While a higher wattage makes for shorter drying time, it also means less damage to your hair AND these dryers won’t burn out as quickly as small-motored ones. We recommend going for a hairdyer with 1800W to 2000W.

#3. Become Attached

The right hairdryer attachment will take all the woe out of styling your hair. When it comes to extensions, weaves and wigs, find a blow-dryer that includes a thermos nozzle. These distribute heat evenly and effortlessly into your natural hair – so not only is it protected, it also prevents bacterial build-up that can sometimes occur in between bonds. In case you weren’t sold yet, these nozzles also eliminate frizz, which is always a good thing!

#4. Ts and Cs

For those with damage-prone hair, we suggest looking for a hairdryer that has ceramic and tourmaline technology. The ceramic part refers to the heating units while tourmaline is a mineral that helps smooth the hair. It works by closing the cuticle and removing moisture from the hair for a sleeker, more polished look. In a nutshell, blow-dryers with this technology are great for distributing heat and combating frizz. You’ll find they’re a pretty powerful pair when put together. 

While it may seem like a lot to digest, finding the right hairdryer could be the difference between a good hair day and the hot, damaged mess you may be used to. A professional will always know what blower-dryer will work best for you so for picture-perfect results, book an appointment at your local salon. 
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