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Don't Sweat It! Fight The Effects Of Summer Humidity On Your Hair

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09 March 2018

Regardless of your hair type, everyone knows that humidity is the number one catalyst for frizzy, unruly hair, and there’s never been too much that you can do about it. Until now! Here’s how to ensure your hair defies humid weather so you won’t have to hide underneath oversized hats anymore.

Cool those curls

Curly hair is already prone to frizziness. Throw some humidity in the mix, and you’re left with a beehive-resembling hot mess. The first thing to remember if you ever find yourself in this situation is not to fiddle with or brush your unruly hair – trying to separate and straighten strands even further will actually make the frizz worse. Rather, invest in a smoothing serum like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Liss Unlimited Double Serum. The lightweight formula softens hair and makes it more manageable. Redken’s Frizz Dismiss, meanwhile, is a complete anti-frizz range, with each product allocated a FPF (Frizz Protection Factor) rating so you can find the specific level of frizz control you need.

Watch that wash

Despite how humid the air is, you can avoid frizzy hair right from the moment after you’ve washed it. Friction from vigorous towel-drying encourages hairs to separate from one another, encouraging fly-aways and creating frizz. Rather, try squeezing out water with an absorbent towel or even an old T-shirt, without any energetic rubbing.

Flat and fine

If your hair is very fine and wavy, you’ll find it becomes very flat when exposed to humidity. This is because of how much moisture the follicle absorbs. The solution here is to use a volumising shampoo, like L’Oréal Professionnel Volumetry, to keep your hair pumped up and frizz free. Volumising products gently cleanse and condition your hair without adding any weight. They’ll improve strength, shine, manageability, and revive lifeless hair.

Sleep soundly

You’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to defeat humidity even in your sleep! Try braiding your hair before sleeping as it reduces the amount of friction and movement your hair experiences throughout the night. Sleeping on a silk pillow also helps as it reduces friction and breakage, and so does using a snag-free hair tie, but we don’t expect you to go out and buy these if you don’t have them already.

Long-term effects

If you’re planning on spending your day outdoors, ready and waiting to take on the inevitable humidity, a bit of pre-frizz preparation may be in order. Leave-in hair masks, like L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color 10 in 1, are just what the doctor ordered. These masks create humidity barriers while protecting hair fibres from uneven swelling. It’ll help keep the frizz away and your hair will be a whole lot more manageable.

The bottom line? Whether it’s Bali or Ballito, if you’re going to be dealing with humidity for a long period of time, your best bet is to visit a professional. They’ll be able to advise you on what products and styles to make use of to best manage your hair when that frizz comes knocking.

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