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4 tips to ensure you aren’t fraying at the edges

13 December 2018
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Edges are the talk of the town among ethnic women who appreciate how annoying these tufts of fluff can be. Not sure what we’re referring to? It’s those super-soft, short pieces of hair that have pulled a Peter Pan on the crowd and have refused to grow up to be with their longer-locked counterparts. This baby hair that occupies your hairline is frustrating enough – so you’ll need to commit to looking after them (and the rest of your hair) if you’re to keep them at bay. Here’s what to do, what not to do, and how to effectively handle those edges.

Loosen that Grip

We know by now that pulling your hair tightly away from your face only encourages a receding hairline. The continual tugging at the weakest part of your hair is not going to do those edges any favours either. So, while slicked back ponytails or top buns look good – there are ways to loosen the look without it completely falling apart. Try tying your elastic one looser than you usually would and instead secure your hair with bobby pins to keep things in place.

Style to Perfection

Instead of using your time to burn straight the fluff that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, why not embrace the look? When styling your edges use either your fingers, a spoolie or a soft toothbrush to brush and curl – avoid anything that could cause your locks any damage. All that’s left is to keep that baby hair in place. Opt for a creamy texture that’ll keep things intact, but without any grease or unwanted residue. We love Mizani Edge Taming Gel that smooths and tames flyaways by transforming into a high hold gel once cooled.

Treat with Care

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your edges is to let them be! As mentioned, they’re going nowhere, so instead of doing what you can to get rid of them – treat them with care. Just like with your longer locks, taking care of your hair starts with your scalp. Doing so is the easiest way to ensure your mane is happy, healthy and in the right condition for it to grow. Try Dark and Lovely AMLA Legend Oil of 7 Wonders that conditions your hair and scalp promoting shine, strength, softness and mostly, locks that are manageable!

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