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Why we're so obsessed with conditioning

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23 July 2018
Why we're so obsessed with conditioning

Conditioner is the superhero rescue cream your hair deserves. After enduring the sun, cold temperatures and the mountains of products you use to create your fierce hairstyles, it certainly needs this rescue remedy. Conditioning is a must-do for all hair types, no matter how healthy it looks. Here are just a few reasons to fall in love with conditioning.

One conditioner to rule them all

The great thing about conditioner is that your hair doesn’t ever get used to it. You can keep using the same one, unlike shampoo that leaves behind a residue once it has developed a tolerance. This means you need to take considerate time in choosing the right one, because once you’ve chosen one, you’ll use it forever.

Conditioner protects from friction

From towels to hair stockings and your favourite winter beanie, your hair often comes into frequent contact with fibres that can cause friction. Friction weakens the strands and causes breakage and tangling, especially in relaxed hair. Thankfully, conditioner acts as a silk coating to lessen the stress and tension of rubbing against harsh materials.

It’s the secret to keeping that colour

Shampoo can’t have all the glory – it’s the conditioner that keeps colour in your hair longer. Shampoos that aren’t colour-specific open cuticles as part of the cleaning process, and so will cause the colour to run, until a conditioner like Redken Colour Extend Conditioner is applied, which stops the colour bleeding in its tracks.

They can be used as styling creams

These days, you get leave-in conditioners that can be applied to wet or dry hair. This makes them perfect to use before styling to make hair flexible and give it added shine. Some conditioners, like multipurpose Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, can do double duty by acting as heat protectants too.

There’s no better detangler

With your conditioner and a wide-toothed detangling comb, knots don’t stand a chance. This will come in handy for you neglectful girls (shame on you!) who have been using the wrong comb or the wrong technique. Natural hair loves to twist into tight coils during shrinkage, so conditioner will help detangle without pulling.

It boosts elasticity

Thick, natural hair is prone to dryness and coils much more tightly than other hair types. Conditioner allows your coils some bounce and movement, without causing breakage. The added nutrients repair damage, too, making them stronger and increasing their ability to stretch and be pulled.

A top tip would be to focus conditioner towards the middle and ends, as this is the oldest part of your hair and needs the most replenishing. So, take your time in selecting the right one for you, and enjoy a lifetime of easy hair management.

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