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Start them early on the path to healthy hair

21 November 2018
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We know that kids’ hair is different to that of adults. In summary, like the rest of their body, children’s hair is developing, and is therefore delicate. The same goes for their scalp. That means special care is required to ensure it stays healthy and protected against common problems like dryness and breakage. You can’t just use any products on children’s hair – certainly not the same stuff you grab off the shelf for yourself.


You should also never be tempted to relax children’s natural hair to make it more manageable. We know that dealing with tight coils and tantrums can be a nightmare, but exposing fragile scalp and strands of kids under 12 to the chemicals in relaxers is a huge no-no. If you do want to reduce the drama, tears and fuss – and safeguard your little one’s curls, it’s all about following an optimal haircare routine. And if you lay the foundations of hair health now, chances are your child will follow the routine into adulthood.


As already noted, your child’s hair and scalp are sensitive. Regardless of what products you use, washing their hair every day will dry it out because it’s removing beneficial natural oils. At the same time, though, their hair will get dirty so it really does need a good clean. Aim to shampoo once a week to once every 10 days, and when you do, use Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings 2 in 1 Easy Shampoo. The creamy formula has been specially developed for kids’ sensitive scalp and hair. Thanks to a combination of soothing aloe vera and coconut oil, scalp and strands are purified, nourished and knots become a lot easier to detangle.

One other tip? When washing your cutie’s hair, don’t gather their curls on top of their head as this can encourage tangles. Oh, and pat hair gently dry with a towel; don’t rub.


Because kids spend so much time outdoors exposed to the drying elements, you need to make up that lost moisture. Use a conditioning product every day like Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Ouchless Detangler. Apply this spray after washing, and/or before styling hair as the mix of aloe vera and coconut oil will help to guard against breakage and release knots.

When brushing, divide the hair into at least four sections, working on one at a time. Start brushing near the tips before working back to the roots and combing the full length. Remember to avoid detangling dry hair, as well as styles that require yanking and are too tight. This can cause hair to break off. Plus, pain will lead to a very grumpy kiddie resistant to brushing in future.


Once you have your little one’s hair styled, it’s important not to neglect it. Never leave a look for longer than two weeks and continue to nourish strands daily so they look and feel healthy. For an excellent moisturising treatment designed especially for children, try Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Cuddling Oil Moisturiser. The formula adds moisture, shine and improves manageability.

And there you have it. Many parents dread caring for their little one’s hair, but with the right routine and products you can banish the drama and ensure healthy, lustrous hair.

We know that dealing with tight coils and tantrums can be a nightmare, but exposing fragile scalp and strands of kids under 12 to the chemicals in relaxers is a huge no-no.

Hanson Ndabeni Dark and Lovely National Field and Education Manager

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