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Natural haircare ingredients to look out for

08 March 2018
Natural Haircare Ingredients To Look Out For
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From extra virgin coconut oil to apple cider vinegar, these are the natural haircare ingredients we should all be looking out for – and using – now.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil ranks right up there among the most celebrated all-in-one natural haircare treatments. Not only does it nourish the scalp, helping to fight against dryness and irritating itchiness, but it also adds softness and irresistible shine to the hair itself. Coconut oil equals better control and better condition.

Apple cider vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar far outweigh the stench. This common cooking ingredient is already celebrated as a weight loss aid, but its high acidity is close to hair’s natural pH, making it a mild but effective rinse that removes product build-up. It also adds shine, body and bounce by closing cuticles, and functions as a natural detangler.


Beer is full of vitamin B, and high in protein thanks to the malt and hops that goes into its brewing. A beer rinse, or three-minute soak, can nourish your hair from the outside in. Meanwhile, beer’s alcohol component cleans and shines.

Go the professional route…

Many of the major haircare companies are embracing natural haircare, and the result is a wide selection of professional, salon-quality hair products that contain natural ingredient powerhouses.

One example is the Mizani True Textures® range. Infused with coconut, olive and marula oils, these shampoos, conditioners and treatments are specially designed to replenish, repair and control curly hair.

Matrix’s Biolage products also prioritise natural haircare ingredients. The range is described as combining natural secrets and science to solve every problem, from dry scalp to over-processed hair.

Dark and Lovely has also embraced the move to natural ingredients with their Au Naturale collection, specially developed for natural African hair. Rich ingredients like mango oil, bamboo milk, honey and guarana root help to moisturise, care and style.

And there’s always the supreme luxury of Kérastase Botanica, which combines Samoan coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil and appealing natural fragrances. The result is breakthrough ultra-nourishing and ultra-light formulas.

It’s really a win-win situation – easy-to-use natural ingredient-infused products backed by expert knowledge and testing, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Find your nearest salon stockist of these products here.

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