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Is reverse washing really a thing?

16 August 2018
Is reverse washing really a thing?
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Hair trends come and go but only very few fall into the “bizarre” category. Enter reverse washing. While we don’t know how it originated, the trend has gained momentum with future-thinking beauty bloggers around the world. So, what does this trend entail? Let’s have a look.

What it is: A reverse wash entails dampening the hair and applying conditioner first. It’s meant to be a pre-shampoo treatment and nourish the hair prior to cleansing it. Rumour has it that applying conditioner first, then moving on to shampoo, helps hair seal in nutrients and moisture more effectively. This trend has not been tested by salon experts, so caution is advised.

Why you should stick to tradition: Hair that is particularly oily or has a lot of product build-up will benefit from a thorough cleanse of the strands and scalp, so that conditioner can penetrate and nourish the skin and follicles. By using a conditioner first, the routine of your favourite wash and conditioner pairing is changed. After all, they are designed to be used in a specific sequence. Ingredients found in one might be needed to activate or deactivate the other, so with the order switched up, the effectiveness of your wash may be affected.

For the health of your hair, it’s best to stick to the rules, as Mizani’s Rocky Bukasa says, “The washing and conditioning tradition was designed for a reason – to thoroughly cleanse hair and then replenish nutrients. It’s not recommended to try trends that could compromise the quality of your hair. The results are not scientifically tested, and most positive reviews for reverse washing are based on single experiences.”

Reverse washing might fall under the guise of being an alternative but it’s not worth swimming in untested waters. If your current washing and conditioning regime is falling short in some way, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional stylist. They’ll be able to identify your problems perfectly and recommend the perfect products to help you get perfect results.

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