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Help me! My new dreads are totally flat!

31 August 2018
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Have you ever woken up in the morning, only to find that your dreads are as flat as your bed? We know – there’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling of seeing your locks deflated and lifeless. And what’s worse, it tends to happen most when they’re brand new, because the strands haven’t had time to settle and compact yet. These three secrets will help you to keep them plump, lush, and perfectly shaped.

Palm rolling

Remember how you used to roll play dough in your hands to make shapes? This is no different. In the morning when you wake up, take each dread and roll it between your palms. Then wait for them to naturally take shape and thicken.


Knotting is another way of bringing some plumpness back into your dreads. If your locks are flattening near the root, then you simply need to tighten the knots and ease up on the styling. If the flattening occurs near the end, make a knot at the tip and tighten them.


If the constant palm rolling and knotting isn’t working, give your hair some extra help with some gel Mizani True Texture Twist and Coil Jelly. Its Smooths, conditions, hydrates hair, moisturized and defined curls, It helps your dreads lock without being too tight therefore leaving them in a plump, rounded shape. Finish by spraying some Mizani 25 Miracle spray as a leave in light moisturizer. Apply Jelly in the palm of your hand and work it into each lock when you roll to improve stiffness.

The true secret to maintaining your dreads’ volume is to develop good daily habits. It may become a tedious routine, but it works to protect the natural shape of your locks and reinforces the rounded pattern. Keep in mind that rolling is especially important if you tend to wear tight headgear such as caps, helmets and wraps.

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