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From winter to spring: How to prepare hair for seasonal change

04 October 2018
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During winter, you probably worked harder on hair maintenance. All the winter beanies, heaters and cold air have likely left your hair feeling dry and looking dull. Now that spring is around the corner, you need to prepare your hair for the upcoming warmer, wetter season. The most important task for transitioning hair from winter to spring is restoring your hair’s hydration levels.  Here’s what to focus on. 

Start with the scalp

 Any good hair routine begins with the health of the scalp. If you wore a protective style during winter that left your scalp exposed to the dry, cold air, it’s essential to re-nourish at least once a week.  Apply an oil moisturiser to your scalp and strands. Serums are a lighter alternative that work equally well.

Replenishing cleansing and conditioning

Mimmi Biggar, for Dark and Lovely in South Africa, has the following advice for natural-hair ladies, “Although your care regimen must be guided by your choice of styling, the use of moisture-replenishing products is a good idea because they leave your hair and scalp clean and fresh, but not stripped.” Her product preference? “The Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner from Dark and Lovely will instantly feed whilst softening your hair. It also makes for easier combing without tugging and splitting the hair. The bamboo milk and mango oil in the formulation will both contribute to defined curls with an attractive shine.” 

In summary, nourishing conditioning is an important step in getting back hair’s lustrous appearance if winter has left your strands looking dull and colour faded.  


 Just as spring is a time to get rid of the old and welcome in the new, your hair needs a good cut. Going for a trim gets rid of split and dry ends. It also allows the new hair space to grow and your roots some air to breathe after a few months of compression under a warm hat.  

Handling the shift to spring

Of course, the arrival of spring comes with its own set of hair concerns, like frizz fighting and the misbelief that with increased moisture in the air, you don’t really need to hydrate your curls. Mashooda Essop, a Mizani sales advisor, points out the benefits of Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend, an anti-humidity spritz that shields hair from humidity while boosting shine and sleekness. She adds, “There’s also my personal favourite, Mizani’s Coconut Souffle Light Moisturizing Hairdress, which is light, provides breakage protection and doesn’t allow for hair to frizz when styling it.”

Ultimately, both Mashooda and Mimmi stress how important it is to master an understanding of your hair type and how much moisture it needs. If you’re still struggling with that, a visit to your local salon will provide you with a professional assessment of your hair, as well as expert personalised advice for how you can get your spring hair on without worrying. 
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