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Fighting hair shrinkage without heat, because it’s just too hot

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12 December 2018
African woman with long curly afro

Girl, we know how much you love your curly ‘fro, but there’s one thing we can agree on that’s totally not cool: shrinkage. How devastating is it to wash your hair and see how lusciously long it is… only for it to shrink to half the length as it dries?


Natural hair shrinkage is part of the deal, but you can minimise its effect with some clever styling. While heat styling can eliminate a lot of shrinkage, it can really damage your hair, and dry it out if you do it too often. Besides, it’s summer. Nobody’s got time (or the thermostat) to slave under a hairdryer!


To stretch out your hair, you should generally start on dry or damp hair. Adding extra water will just make the curl bounce back even more. For all no heat stretched styles, we love Mizani H2O Rose Conditioning Hairdress because it’s super moisturising and absorbent for thirsty natural hair - without weighing the hair down with residue.

Natural hair shrinkage is part of the deal, but you can minimise its effect with some clever styling.

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

Heat-free anti shrinkage for natural hair


1. Curlformers


Curlformers may not stop hair shrinkage entirely, but they sure make for a polished and defined curly ‘do! These innovative rollers help you smooth out your curls, not eliminate them completely. They’re perfect for creating even, bouncy, frizz-free curls!


2. The pineapple


This is a classic and easy style that also freshens up and stretches your curls. Pull all your hair up into a high ponytail, combing the hair back as tight as you can and securing it in the front of your head. Either leave in for 15 minutes while you get ready for work or tie a bright scarf around your head and rock this chic look all day long. When you take your hair down, your curls will be stretched out and longer than before.


3. Banding


Split your hair into sections of around 10cm in diameter all over your head. Secure each section with a hairband. Use multiple hairbands down each ponytail. The more hairbands you use, the more stretched your hair will be. Sleep with the hairbands in and remove them in the morning. Your hair will be noticeably longer and fluffier.


4. Stretch plates


Stretch plates are weird-looking contraptions that are amazing for reducing curly hair shrinkage. Start with damp hair (not soaking wet otherwise your hair will take forever to dry) and pull sections across the plates, and secure with clips. Allow to air dry overnight. The result is smoother, full and fluffy stretched out curls.

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