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Deep conditioning: Here's why it's a must for natural haircare

18 September 2018
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If you have natural hair, then the one product you can’t live without is a deep conditioner. No, we’re not talking about the run-of-the-mill stuff you use after washing your locks. We’re talking about the lifeblood of natural hair – the cream that transforms its health quite literally overnight. Here are a few reasons why deep conditioning is a must.

Prevents breakage

Over-combing and using harsh techniques on your hair can lead to damage - we’ve all made those mistakes. Deep conditioning not only prevents breakage, it also repairs the hair if the damage has already been done.

Provides moisture

If you have natural hair, you will know by now that dryness and dandruff are common problems. A regular deep conditioning will help keep your scalp moisturised, and help your hair retain nutrients to combat both.

Protects Colour

Colour-treatment can damage natural hair, leaving it brittle and hard. A good deep conditioning will protect your curls and your scalp from the chemical treatment and keep your hard-earned colour vibrant for longer.

Promotes elasticity

When natural hair gets dry due to weather conditions or chemical treatments, your coils tend to feel too tight and become difficult to comb through. This also means that strands are too rigid to style and play with. Thankfully, deep conditioning will soften the texture of your hair, making it movable and easy to pull into your favourite styles. It will also keep hair nice and elastic to prevent breakage due to the pulling that many styles necessitate.

The benefits of deep conditioning are endless for natural hair. As a top tip, use oil or shea butter-based leave-in deep conditioner for best results. To find out exactly which deep conditioning treatments are right for you, consult your stylist before you go out shopping for an expert opinion on your specific hair gripes, and recommendations on the perfect products to solve them.

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