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5 common air-drying mistakes

13 December 2018
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As much as we try to deny it, deep down we all know that heat styling can damage your hair, so the latest trend for air dry waves and curls is excellent news. The question is… how to get it right? Because yes, there is a right and a wrong way to air dry hair. So, if you want to know how to air dry your hair for a gorgeous tousled look, here’s what NOT to do.



1. Rubbing with a towel


Out the shower, rub your hair dry, swing your head upside down and wrap it in a towel turban. That’s the routine, right? It shouldn’t be. Using a towel to dry your hair can break and stretch the strands, which makes it prone to frizz. Instead, use an old cotton knit t-shirt. The smooth, stretchy fabric is much gentler on your hair.



2. Sleeping with wet hair


Washing your hair before bed is a no-no because when you sleep, your wet hair can become tangled and knotty, and hence frizzy when you wake up. If you absolutely must go to sleep with wet hair, apply a little curl enhancing product and wrap your hair up in an old t-shirt. We recommend Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion containing coconut oil, olive oil and marula oil for smooth, frizz-free curls and waves.

Air drying is all about healthy natural waves without using heat. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using hair products!

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

3. Not using products


Air drying is all about healthy natural waves without using heat. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using hair products! For nourished hair, try a drop of Mizani 25 Miracle Milk worked through your hair from root to tip. Formulated with coconut oil and fennel seed extract, this product is wonderful for combatting frizz and flyaways.



4. Fiddling with your hair


Constantly fussing with your hair as it dries is a sure way to make your air-dried locks look limp and frizzy. The best way to air dry hair without frizz is not to touch your hair at all after you’ve combed it or styled it as required. Playing with your hair when it’s wet might stretch and break it. You’ll also begin getting dirt and oil onto your just-washed locks.



5. Forgetting to style


Yes, you do have some control over what your natural hair texture will look like when it’s dry. The easiest way to style is to apply a firm hold curl mousse to wet hair from root to tip. Then either twist your hair into a bun or braid it loosely. When your hair is almost dry, release the bun or braid to reveal tousled waves. 
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