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Your Top Two Masks For Damaged African Hair

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09 March 2018
Your top two masks for damaged African hair

Mistakes happen. And that absolutely includes mishaps with your mane – like overdoing the relaxer, toasting your scalp and strands with a R100 hairdryer, or neglecting the moisturising part of your care routine. Next thing you know, your hair is rough, knotty and brittle (especially at the ends).

You might be tempted to reach for the olive oil and eggs to mix up a hair mask at home. The internet is full of “miracle cures” for damaged hair, after all. Before you do that, though, remember that almost all online advice is hearsay. It’s well-meaning, sure, but a lot of it is word of mouth, contradictory and can lead to more confidence-crushing hair mistakes.

If you need an effective hair mask for chemically or mechanically damaged hair – a treatment backed by expert knowledge of African hair and its needs – here are two options to add to your bathroom cabinet. Keep these essentials on hand for future hair emergencies.

Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol Intensive Treatment

This value-for-money mask has been specially designed for damaged, relaxed and colour-treated hair. It contains panthenol and vitamin E derivative, for intense nourishing repair. Simply smooth the formula evenly over your hair, leave it for 5–7 minutes and then rinse. Afterwards, hair feels silky-soft and smooth. The intensive treatment is great for detangling and combatting the hair damage giveaway that is split ends.

Mizani Strength Fusion™ Recover Mask

Available at salons as a professional product, this gel-like mask is designed to reverse the damage caused by chemical treatments like relaxing and colouring. It smooths and clarifies hair strands, while also working internally to reinforce hair structure. The mask’s standout natural ingredient is the algae Spirulina, which is full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It’s superfood for your hair, and its ultra-nourishing formula leaves locks healthy and shiny.

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