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Your go-to products for protective styling

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24 April 2019
Your go-to products for protective styling: woman with thin braids

Ethnic hair is sensitive to all kinds of weather – both the icy chill of winter and the baking hot sun can seriously suck out moisture and make strands brittle and dry. That’s why so many ladies opt for protective styles like braids, cornrows and weaves to shield their natural hair from the elements.


In addition to this, protective styles help prevent damage from heat styling and vigorous brushing, especially for the fragile ends of the hair. Protective styles are also great if you want to grow out your natural hair, allowing you to maintain hair that still looks good while increasing the time between relaxing treatments.


Products to make your hair worth protecting


There’s no point in opting for a protective style if your hair is in poor condition to begin with. If you’re thinking of getting a weave or braids, get your hair into shape a couple of weeks before your appointment. The best products for protective styling nourish and add moisture, and then lock in that moisture to help repair and prevent damage.


Mizani 25 Miracle Milk contains xylose to strengthen each strand and protect against heat styling. Coconut oil and fennel seed extract add moisture and shine. This product is wonderful for repairing split ends and smoothing frizzy, flyaway hairs.


Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil provides deep conditioning, lasting softness and shine for damaged hair. This omega-6-enriched product can be used as either a leave-in or rinse-out treatment. Apply it before you shampoo, add it to other treatment products, or use it for heat styling.


Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Oil Moisturiser has special moisture-seal technology and contains almond oil to nourish very dry and dull hair. It is also cares for sensitive scalps while restoring softness, body and shine.

Your go-to products for protective styling: woman with braids

Products for protective hairstyles


Once your protective style is complete and looking gorgeous, you still need to use products to maintain your hair and scalp health to encourage regrowth.


As mentioned above, Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk is a superb moisturiser that also helps you deal with that annoying frizz that becomes visible as your style grows out. A few drops will tame flyaways in a flash.


Mizani Scalp Care Cooling Serum is a must-have for itchy, dry scalps – a common problem among protective style wearers. Its soothing formula contains menthol and peppermint oil for instant cooling relief, and avocado oil to moisturise the scalp and surrounding strands. The bottle has a tapered nozzle, making it easy to apply directly onto your scalp.


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