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Breakage and Damaged Hair

Your first-choice hair masks for damaged hair

09 March 2018
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No matter how well you look after your locks, at some point you’ll be faced with signs of damage: lifeless, dull hair; split ends; and an unappealing rough texture that tangles too easily. Yuck.

There are many hair damage villains out there, from pollution to long periods of chemical-enabled styling and over-heated hair tools. Whatever way it happened, you’re probably looking for a fast, intensive fix.

If you have relatively straight hair with Type 1–3 waves, you can skip the guesswork and reach straight for sophisticated, science-backed formulations that tangibly restore your hair – like Kérastase Résistance. The Résistance collection is further divided into Force Architecte and Thérapiste ranges to cater for different levels of hair damage.

Kérastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte

This mask, like the rest of the Force Architecte line, has been developed for moderately weakened, over-processed and damaged hair (cuticle erosion level 1–2). Force Architecte restores and reconstructs strands deep down at the fibre core, thanks to key ingredients Pro-Keratin and Ceramid, which work at an intercellular level. When the Force Architecte mask is massaged into freshly washed hair for five minutes, hair becomes stronger and shinier. There’s even a travel size Masque available for repair on the run.

Kérastase Resistance Masque Thérapiste

The Thérapiste mask is a deep revitalising conditioner designed for extremely damaged and over-processed hair (cuticle erosion level 3-4). Leave the formula on washed, towel-dried hair for five minutes to allow key ingredient FIBRA-KAP™ to get to work, delivering keratin-associated proteins (KAPs), amino acids and wheat protein to the core of hair fibres, so they can replace what’s been lost. This helps hair regain strength and elasticity, and makes sure it is protected against future breakage.

Whether you need Architecte or Thérapiste revitalisation, Résistance products are equally suitable for thin and thick hair.

You won’t find these high-end hair care products in any store. They’re best used with an initial assessment and instruction from experts. Find your nearest salon stockist right now.

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