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Breakage and Damaged Hair

Wake up from the breakage nightmare

25 May 2018
Wake up from the breakage nightmare
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If you have a fear of combing your hair because the twig-like strands crack and remain on your comb, then it’s time to face your breakage problem. Breakage is your hair telling you that it’s thirsty. There isn’t enough moisture to maintain structure, and the harsh fibres with which it comes into contact are causing major friction burn. This happens to all hair types, including natural and chemically treated hair. Here’s how to relieve yourself from this nightmare. 

Sleep on Silk

Your hair hates friction. Silky pillowcases minimise the friction of your hair on the pillow as you move around during sleep, because it has better slip. So, treat your hair like the princess it wants to be and only let it touch the softest, smoothest, most delicate fabrics. It’s even better if you can wear a silk wrap to bed.    

Use Conditioner

Using a great conditioner on breaking hair is the same principle as drinking water after exercise. It replenishes all the lost moisture, energy and hydration. Conditioning should be the first step for severely damaged and chemically treated hair. A stunning conditioner like Kérastase Ciment Anti-Usure is a dream repair job for damaged hair, as it helps to reconstruct fibres and provides future resistance from damage.   

Ditch the Towel

You’ve never met a twist you didn’t like – until it’s tangled. Hair is most vulnerable when wet, so your vigorous rubbing only encourages hair to twist and tangle into a messy nest, causing breakage. From now on, let nature do its thing and let it air dry, or pat your hair dry with a T-shirt you no longer wear. Sure, it may feel like your hair takes forever to dry – but how long does it take to detangle?  

Bring Down the Heat

Nobody can live without the bomb volume that blowouts provide, but the problem is the high temperature of blow-dryers and flat irons that work to dry out your hair. This heat lessens your cuticles’ ability to absorb water, giving it an almost permanent dryness. To combat this, try using ionic-based thermal tools that have temperature adjustments allowing you to set it at the lowest possible heat. 

Relax on the Relaxer

This is the biggest culprit when it comes to breakage. Relaxing works by breaking bonds in your hair strands to make your coils ‘relax’ and hang loose, thus creating straight hair. Frequently applying relaxer over a short period of time leaves your hair over-processed and exhausted, and much easier to break off. To prevent this, widen the timeframe between each treatment. Only relax your hair on new growth, a minimum of eight weeks after each treatment. And don’t forget the recovery products!

Mizani Strength Fusion Intense Night-time Treatment (available from stylists) is a great option for haircare recovery at home, as it fortifies and nourishes dry, chemically treated hair while you sleep. You’ll wake to strands that feel smoother and stronger. The reason for this is patented anti-breakage technology. Your best bet, though, is still to visit the salon for professional treatments designed to repair and restore chemically-treated hair, as well as protect against styling-related heat damage.  

Breaking hair is a huge problem for all hair types, but it can be fixed if you pay attention to your haircare routine. Many of the common causes of breakage are lifestyle related so be aware of how products and treatments affect the texture of your hair. If nothing works and you’re ready to tear your hair out in frustration, visit a salon stylist who can rescue even the most damaged hair from breakage.      
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