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Breakage and Damaged Hair

These 4 hairstyles are doing more harm than good

11 December 2018
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We all know that natural hair breakage is caused by things like dryness, heat styling, over-washing and over-processing. But did you know that there are also certain hairstyles that can damage your hair over time? If your goal is to stop hair breakage, these are the 4 most common hairstyles to avoid.


Sky-High Ponytails


While it isn’t necessary to vow never to wear a ponytail ever again, putting your hair in the same ponytail day after day is likely causing damage and exacerbating hair fall, especially if the hair is gathered very tightly and high up on the head. You’re sure to notice a difference if you switch your sky-high ponytail for a lower one and ditch your rubber bands. Hair ties ensconced in a fabric are much gentler on your locks.


Super Tight Braids

Braids are beautiful! However, the tighter they are, the more damage they are likely to cause. Combat this by opting for a looser braid (think laid-back, hippie braids) and using products that will lock in plenty of moisture to protect the delicate hair follicles.

If your goal is to stop hair breakage, these are the four most common hairstyles to avoid. 

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

Bedtime Buns


Countless women sleep with their hair in a bun because they have been told that it preserves the beauty of a fresh blow-out. Unfortunately, while your blow-out may last longer, your hair will pay the price in the long run. Sleeping in any up-do whatsoever can lead to excess friction and pulling at the root. This means more split ends and a greater amount of hair fall.


Wet Up-dos


Your hair is weakest when it is wet. That’s why it’s best to wait for it to air dry before styling it in any way. Wet up-dos are a recipe for rapid hair loss!


So, is there any such thing as protective hairstyles? Yes, indeed! Any hairstyle that is unrestricted and free is a win-win. Do you really need any more reason to let your hair down?
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