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Breakage and Damaged Hair

The best strategy to combat hair shrinkage

24 May 2018
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Yes, we know, you’ve been growing your natural hair beautifully for months, creating this big puffball of a soft, curly crown… when it suddenly seems to be getting smaller and shorter. Your frustration grows into annoyance because it’s impossible to go a day without other natural hair goddesses bragging about their hair growth in your presence. It’s a fact of life that we need to accept: natural hair will shrink as it becomes curlier. When we refer to shrinkage, we are talking about your curls coiling tighter together and moving closer to your scalp, which is their most natural state. However, you don’t have to work overtime to fit in with the queens of growth. Here are some easy strategies to keep it long. 

Amp Up the Product 

More product means more weight and density that will pull your hair straight and show off its length. But don’t go overboard, as it could lead to clogged pores on your scalp and unhealthy product buildup. Luckily, Mizani True Textures® Twist and Coil Jelly is a bomb hair jelly created for twists and braid-out styles you’ll use to elongate your hair. The cream is smooth enough to smear into your hair from the roots and leave in when damp to loosen and soften your curl texture. This just makes the stretch styling easier to accomplish and to maintain when your hair dries later. Finally, when you’re all done perfecting your look, use Mizani Thermasmooth® Shine Extend, an anti-humidity spray designed to hold your style and keep shrinkage away for longer.

The Blowout

It’s the most effective means to get rid of the shrinkage you already have at your disposal, though admittedly, it’s not the best for your hair because it incorporates natural hair’s biggest enemy – heat. Still, if you use heat-protecting products, you can get away with it once a month, but try for no more than that. Frequent heat styling will weaken the hair’s ability to recover from damage. 

Band Together

Banding is your anti-shrinkage and anti-heat secret weapon. Separate your hair into sections when it’s still damp, and just like you would when styling Bantu knots, tie hair bands to each section beginning at the roots. Then keep adding bands all the way down the hair strands until you reach the ends. Keep the bands in your hair until it’s completely dry and carefully remove each one from your hair. Try to use non-grabby bands to protect your strands. Lastly, comb that mane out and enjoy flaunting your length in everyone’s face. 

Stretch It Out

Hairstyles that pull the strands are a great go-to if you want to keep your hair stretched the whole day. You’re spoiled for choice on what to do: Bantu knots, tight high buns, braid, twist outs and “pineappling” (tying your hair from the roots) when hair is still damp are great day hairstyles to use, and best of all they’re all protective styles. But remember to be kind to your hairline and don’t pull too tightly on the edges. 

Roll With It

Rollers are the holy grail of anti-shrinkage, as they stretch the hair strands from roots to ends, while loosening the curls of your hair and making it easier to comb later, especially if you have very stubborn curls. How about that for a triple bonus! When your hair is damp, section your hair and use a fine-toothed comb to comb each section straight out. Then place the roller on your ends and roll it into your hair until it reaches your roots. Do this until your hair is completely covered and leave in until your hair is dry. You won’t believe how stretchy, bouncy and long your hair will be after this roll up. 

You may feel pressured into getting less shrinkage and more centimetres, but hopefully you can learn to embrace your shorter curls at some point in your natural hair journey. If all else fails and you’re not willing to settle, visit your nearest salon professional for expert advice on protecting your precious length and styling tips to make the most of it! 
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