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Breakage and Damaged Hair

The best after-gym haircare for every activity

27 March 2019
African woman with natural hair
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A good workout at the gym makes you feel healthy and motivated but it’s not exactly a good look for your hair, is it? Unless sweaty dreadlocks are your thing (and we’re not judging), you need a haircare routine that helps you maintain your sense of style during and after exercise.


The best hairstyles for the gym


If you’re doing a light workout or yoga class, you’re most likely to break a sweat just around your hairline. Put your hair into a loose plait if it’s long or twist it into a bun. This will keep it out of your face and also create attractive, loose waves after you’re done at the gym.


For a heavy workout, or if you know you just sweat a lot, try using a sweatband or bandana to soak up some of that perspiration. A bandana is also excellent to keep short hair out of your face while you exercise - plus it’s an easy, hassle-free hairdo for after the gym.


Haircare after you exercise


To wash or not to wash?


Even if you go to the gym every day, you should only wash your hair about 3 times a week. Sweat is really just salty water, and salt can dry your hair out so don’t wash your hair unless it’s actually dirty or you’re prone to oiliness. We recommend using a deep-cleansing, moisturising shampoo such as Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo with mango oil and bamboo milk. This product contains no mineral oil, no parabens and no petrolatum, so it’s gentle on your hair.


Even if you go to the gym every day, you only need to wash your hair about 3 times a week

Brian Warfield Mizani Zone Education Manager

Rinse through with conditioner


Your hair isn’t dirty after gym, but after a strenuous workout you may feel like you need to freshen it up. Instead of washing it, rinse the sweat out with water and ‘wash’ it with conditioner. This will help to minimise the drying effects of sweat, add moisture to thirsty hair and give you that fresh, just-showered feeling.



What about dry shampoo?


Only use dry shampoo if your hair is oily or dirty and you don’t have time to wash and style it. If you use dry shampoo on wet hair (from perspiration or water) it won’t have any benefit - you’ll just end up with a cakey, powdery finish.



Tame flyaways with hair milk


Sweat in your hairline can really dry out your roots and result in frizzy, flyaway hairs. Tame them with a spritz of Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, formulated with nourishing coconut oil and fennel seed extract to replenish moisture in naturally curly hair.

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