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Breakage and Damaged Hair

Split ends and what they're saying about your hair

29 August 2018
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For anyone who colours, straightens or uses too much product on their hair, split ends are inevitable. But that’s not to say we have to live out the rest of our days with dry, damaged hair. Where the tips (and sometimes sides) of your hair shaft begin to split and fray, the result is split ends, and – believe it or not – there are different types. The good news? It’s quite a simple problem to rectify. So, pay attention if you want your locks to look their best!


Type: Basic Split

This is where the hair splits in two and resembles an upside down “Y” shape. It’s also the most common type of split end and is normally the result of dryness and friction.

Solution: Nourishment

Because this is the early stage of split ends, a little nourishment will go a long way! Try Redken Extreme Split End Treatment to seal the tips of your hair. This product also helps to prevent premature hair loss.


Type: Fork Effect

This is when the split occurs in more than two directions. Here, a weakened cuticle layer causes the cuticle to peel away from the cortex, resulting in a fork-like effect.

Solution: Deep conditioning

This type of split end requires a deep conditioning mask treatment that’ll properly seal those split ends. We suggest Mizani Recover Mask, which offers deep conditioning to penetrate the hair strand while smoothing brittle, damaged hair.


Type: The Crinkle

A crinkle in your hair strand is a result of physically stretching the hair to breaking point when using chemical-based products or heat styling tools.

Solution: Protective Spray

When you can’t help but use heat on your hair, it’s important to apply a protective spray. We love Kérastase Discipline Fluidissme Spray that’ll help to smooth your hair, removing frizz while protecting it from heat damage.


Type: Feathery Split

This type of split end resembles a feather, where a number of different splits occur along one side of the hair shaft. Normally, this is a result of excessive hair colouring or infrequent trimming.

Solution: Trimming

Every so often our split ends get the better of us and the only solution is to snip off those unwanted, damaged strands. Visit a hair professional for an effective trim and make sure you return at least every 6–8 weeks to keep your locks healthily intact.

Try our salon locator to find a hairdresser equipped to not only trim your mane, but one who will be able to recommend the best products for combatting split ends.

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