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Breakage and Damaged Hair

No Need To Skip That Swim This Summer! Three Tips To Cool Off AND Care For Your Hair

09 March 2018
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Down with stereotypes! Black girls do swim. Okay, maybe some of us paddle, while others are just after the perfect poolside selfie. But the point is, when the temperature rises and there’s a gorgeous pool or beach calling your name, the last thing you want disrupting your leisure time is having to deal with chemical damage later.

Both salt and chlorine have a drying effect on the hair and follicles, so whether it’s a pool or the big blue, African hair – already prone to dryness and breakage – needs a little extra attention. Here are our top tips for perfect curls all summer long.

Soak first, swim later

Before hitting the pool or catching a few waves, rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water. Hair, especially dry hair, acts like a sponge when confronted with moisture. Saturating the hair with clean water will make it less prone to absorbing salted and chlorinated water and help prevent damage.

Create a protective barrier with a leave-in treatment

You’ve heard the old saying about oil and water not mixing, right? A moisturising or conditioning leave-in treatment will not only keep strands supple and smooth, it also acts as a barrier against the absorption of pool or ocean water, preventing the dryness and brittleness that can come with these harsh environments. Mizani’s Supreme Oil Hair Treatment, for example, is rich in eight different natural oils, and is designed for any hair type. It penetrates deeply to smooth and condition, while offering protection from penetration by water.

Repair damage with a nourishing mask

Once you’ve returned from your travels, it’s important to add a reparative element to your haircare regime to help counteract the effects of not only saltwater and chlorine, but also the UV radiation your hair has likely been exposed to. Stop breakage in its tracks with a strengthening and deeply conditioning hair mask to restore shine and vitality to dry and dull post-holiday hair. The Mizani Strength Fusion™ Intense Nighttime Treatment is a great choice for a no-fuss overnight mask that works while you sleep to fortify and nourish dry and damaged hair, leaving it smooth and strong in the morning.

If, despite your best efforts, you come back from holiday with straw-like, dry and brittle hair – there is hope! Get in touch with a professional stylist for the help you need. They will already have experience in dealing with dry, chemically damaged hair, and will have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves – as well as salon-professional products at hand – to restore your hair’s natural strength and shine.

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