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How to rescue damaged curls

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22 March 2019
African woman with naturally curly hair

Our usually bouncy curls can take a real beating in the summer. If it’s not sun and chlorine that get the better of our gorgeous ethnic locks, it’s all that styling before going to parties throughout the festive season. So how do you revive tired, damaged curls without spending hours at the salon, or cutting them all off? For those wondering how to treat damaged curly hair, we’ve got all the answers below.


Get the right products


The key is reversing the damage that has already been done and preventing any further damage from taking place. To do that, you’ll need the right hair care products.

A quality strengthening treatment is your go-to from now on. The ultra-hydrating Mizani Kerafuse Intense Strengthening Treatment is a must.

A special nourishing cream for your curls is another essential. We recommend the curl-defining Kérastase Discipline Crème Oléo-Curl.

No matter what, regular moisturising is the secret and the best treatment for curly damaged hair. Conditioner alone won’t be enough to get the job done. You’ll also need a nourishing oil like the glossy Dark and Lovely AMLA Legend Damage Anti-Dote moisturiser containing amla oil extract from the Indian gooseberry.

For those wondering how to treat damaged curly hair, we’ve got all the answers.

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

Wash your hair less


Washing your hair every day is only going to aggravate damaged curls. Try to keep it to once or twice a week and use a dry shampoo for curly hair if you need to in-between.


Brush with care


… or don’t brush at all. Curls don’t need to be brushed. In fact, they shouldn’t be. So, unless you’re prepping them for a wash, put the hairbrush away. If you must brush, do so gently with a wide-tooth comb or use a brush with soft boar bristles.

With the help of the right tools and techniques, reviving damaged curls shouldn’t be the tiresome task you expect it to be. By simply reading this article, you’re already one step closer to achieving healthier hair. Good luck! 
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