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How to keep your dreadlocks healthy

17 August 2018
How to keep your dreadlocks healthy :Woman with  dreadlocks
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Beautifully twisted dreadlocks are a unique natural hairstyle. Keeping dreads healthy is super important, so a proper cleanliness routine will be your number one priority. This will stop most of the problems you don’t want to face later (think mould and rotting). The nature of dreads also leaves them vulnerable to absorbing dirt and smells more easily than other hair types. Here’s how to keep them heathy.


Washing your dreads and keeping your scalp clean is the focus of keeping dreadlocks healthy – with most experts recommending a wash at least once every second week. Begin by wetting your hair, making sure all your locs are damp. Once your hair is wet, you can apply an anti-residue shampoo, like Mizani Purifying Shampoo to deep cleanse your locs, and consider a second application of Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Shampoo for a further gentle cleanse.

To shampoo your locs, apply the shampoo directly onto the scalp in small amounts, and keep adding as needed. Massage the shampoo into your scalp with your fingertips. Next, move on to pull the shampoo into each loc and massage from roots to ends. Towel dry your scalp and hair gently, and let natural air-drying do the rest.


Dreadlocks aren’t in need of conditioning because they are a hair type that doesn’t require softening agents, and conditioners can leave residue or build-up that can be difficult to get rid of. In general, the less product in your dreads, the better. However, if they’re feeling stiff and wiry and you want to give your dreads a good conditioning, use a deep conditioner once a month. Follow that by conditioning with Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Conditioner to seal in the nourishment.

Start by applying the conditioner to your scalp, cover your hair in a sealing cap and leave for a few hours or overnight.


Wait a few days after wash day to start with the moisturising. Use an oil-based moisturiser, like Mizani Supreme Oil in a hot oil treatment as a substitute for conditioners to alleviate build-up or a heavy, weighted look. Begin by applying the oil moisturier onto the scalp and massage into your hair. Once your scalp has been covered, coat your fingers with moisturiser and rub into each loc from the tip to the ends. During colder months, pay closer attention to moisturising the ends so they don’t break off.


There are several techniques you can use to keep your dreads locked; the most effective being palm rolling. Apply a small amount of locking gel on your palms and roll each loc between your palms. In terms of washing, if your dreads are still new, avoid softening shampoos so your dreads can take shape after twisting. Keep the ends of your locs moist as they’re prone to breaking off when too dry.


Just like other natural hairstyles, your dreads need to be wrapped in a silk scarf when you go to bed to keep them fresh and to keep them from untwisting. This will also aid the effectiveness of any leave-in treatments you’re doing overnight, keeping the dreads supple and the scalp moisturised – essential if you’re going to avoid that infamous dreads dandruff.

A top tip is to make sure your dreads are completely dry after washing, as excess moisture is the root cause of mould, rot and bad smells. Now that you know the basics, wear your dreads with style and pride to complete your healthy hair look!

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