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Breakage and Damaged Hair

How to dry - not damage - natural hair

25 April 2018
How to dry - not damage - natural hair :  woman with curls hair
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When it comes to joining the Natural Hair Movement, one of black women’s biggest concerns is the amount of haircare required. It can feel daunting, particularly if you want to grow out your curls. How can you achieve serious length while avoiding split ends, breakage and a general increase in fragility?

Wash day may seem like the most at-risk time for those precious strands to snap off. Fortunately, there is an optimal way to dry your hair that resists damage.  

1. Towel choice

After your bath or shower, resist the urge to reach for that massive fluffy towel. Use an old T-shirt or microfibre towel instead. You can read why here but in short, the softer, smoother fabrics of a T-shirt or microfibre towel won’t snag on your hair or generate friction. 

Another important tip is that you should try to avoid over-handling your locks when drying, as it can rough hair cuticles, which in turn encourages tangles.

2. Drying techniques

It’s gratifying to rub hair vigorously in an attempt to dry it. But that’s the worst thing you can do for the intense coils of African hair, as it’s more likely to cause frizz and breakage. Using your T-shirt or microfibre towel, gently pat your hair to remove the excess moisture. 

If your hair is long, divide it into sections. Then, loosely wrap each segment in the shirt or towel, and squeeze gently. Don’t wring your hair, as it will put extra strain on the strands. 


3. Use hair dryers with care

Perhaps you’ve been told to avoid hairdryers if you have ethnic hair because too much heat can cause damage to your delicate strands and scalp. It definitely can, but there are some tricks to protect your do when you’re pressed for time and need to do some styling. 

First, apply a heat protector like botanically-enriched Mizani Thermastrength™ Heat Protecting Serum to prime and strengthen your hair. Also, ensure your blow dryer is on a low to medium setting; never high. All this said, it’s best, if you have the time, to put aside electric drying products and just let your hair air dry.

4. Preserve moisture levels

African hair loves and needs moisture, so you don’t want your hair to feel bone-dry after a wash. By all means dab away excess water, but you want to seal in hydration when you apply a leave-in conditioner and moisturiser for black hair. Mizani 25 Miracle Milk is one salon-quality example – a multi-use, coconut oil-infused treatment that improves hair strength and deeply nourishes it. At the same time, it makes hair more manageable for styling.

Having followed all these steps post-wash, you can confidently set your hair in a style of your choice – whether you’re heading for bed, or out for the day ahead. 

To get your hands on Mizani 25 Miracle Milk and other wash day essentials used by professionals, visit your nearest salon.


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