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How often should you cut your hair for optimal hair health?

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03 October 2018
How often should you cut your hair for optimal hair health? : blonde being cut
You know you’re in desperate need of a haircut when your ends resemble scraggly spaghetti and your parched mane is practically begging for a long drink of water. Your style has fallen flat, your hair lacks shine, it gets knotty all the time – there are loads of tell-tale signs. Frequent trimmings can prevent your hair from reaching emergency status, but how often you head to the salon depends on the natural texture, length and condition of your hair. 

If you’re rocking an afro…

Aim to trim those tight, coarse curls every 12 weeks to reduce knots and split ends. Curlier and kinkier textures can get away with less frequent cuts (because those types of strands tend to be more resilient to breakage), but be sure to feed your hair with moisture between trims to prevent dryness. Try Mizani H20 Intense Strengthening Night-time Treatment
How often should you cut your hair for optimal hair health? : mzanzi hair creams

If you have fine or medium curls…

Like having a ‘fro, your hair is usually on the healthier side of things because curly-haired gals prioritise hydration, which means two to three months is a suitable amount of time between trims. To stop spirals from looking stringy and stretched out, be sure to book an appointment with your hairdresser every eight weeks or so. 

If your strands are fine and/or fragile… 

Fine hair is tricky to manage because it requires frequent reshaping - without cutting off too much length. It tends to look limp and lifeless when a trim is needed, which is usually every four to six weeks. Similarly, if you colour your hair often or consider your straightener your BFF, regular monthly trims will help phase out any damage and leave your hair looking healthier in the long run. If you happen to have severely damaged hair, Redken Extreme CAT Protein Treatment will do wonders to reconstruct it.
How often should you cut your hair for optimal hair health? : redken hair shampoo

If you have a short style…

Trendy, shorter ‘dos like lobs, bobs and pixie cuts require trims every three to four weeks to keep them looking clean-cut and polished. Hair usually grows roughly one centimetre per month, so getting lazy and not visiting your salon will result in a dilution of your style after about eight weeks. As a side note, bangs and fringes also require regular maintenance. 

If you have Rapunzel-like length… 

Chances are, you treat your hair like your crowning glory. If this is the case, you can easily go two to three months without getting a cut. However, twelve weeks is pushing it. If you think your hair is looking less fresh than usual, it’s time for a trim. If you have layers, consider visiting your hairdresser sooner rather than later as these need to be touched up more often.The irony is that regular haircuts actually encourage hair growth by getting rid of any damaged, broken or split ends, resulting in healthier, more lustrous hair in the long run! What’s not to love?
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