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Home Care Treatment vs Hairdresser

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08 March 2018

After the festive season splurge, January is all about saving. Or, more accurately, it’s 31 days of continuously performing CPR on your bank account, trying to keep it alive until that first salary of the new year. A big part of that strategy will probably hinge on cutting back – especially on luxuries.

Your January cost-saving measures may even involve skipping a trip or two to the salon. No doubt your logic draws on three points:

  1. You can maintain your ‘do at home, by yourself.
  2. Home styling is way cheaper than a visit to a hairdresser.
  3. You know your hair. After all, you’ve lived with it your whole life.

The counter-argument is that stylists are hair professionals. Reputable, salon-based stylists are educated and experienced, with loads of specialist knowledge about haircare. Plus, they’re on top of the latest, most flattering trends for every hair type and face shape. They also have access to highly effective, salon-exclusive products that are available nowhere else. Do you really want to give that up?

Here’s the thing, though: you shouldn’t. Haircare at home and at the salon aren’t mutually exclusive things. They go hand in hand to ensure the best-looking, best-feeling hair.

To look after your ‘do, haircare starts at the salon and continues at home. This is because during your salon appointment, you can take full advantage of the stylist’s expertise. In addition to diagnosing and styling your hair, they will recommend products for home maintenance, so you keep your hair in peak condition for longer.

One of these products is Kérastase Masquintense, available in variants for both thick and fine hair. Candice Jonker, Kérastase Business Development Educator, explains, “This intense nourishing treatment is one of Kérastase’s most iconic products. It complements any in-salon ritual for at-home use beautifully. Not only will it prolong the results of the in-salon service, it will help you to maintain your healthiest hair in-between salon visits.”

Another is Mizani Bond pHorce, a new product range designed to protect, strengthen and restore hair after being relaxed.

So, if you ever find yourself making a choice between home haircare and professional treatment, to quote the popular meme: why not both?

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