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Four things your salon should be doing

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25 April 2018
Four things your salon should be doing : relaxing hair
Reputation is everything for a salon. You need to know that you can trust your hairstylist and develop a relationship with them. After all, they’re in charge of your precious crown and are an essential partner on your hair journey. Every salon has different policies that are mandatory, but there are a few practices that are essential for any salon that prides themselves on being credible. Here are four things that’ll show your stylist is a keeper.  

Practising Good Hygiene

Is there hair on the floor and equipment placed at random around the salon? That’s not a good sign. Bad hygiene can negatively impact your hair, introducing germs and cross-contamination from other customers if the equipment is not perfectly clean. The salon needs to ensure the equipment is thoroughly cleaned after it’s used, and replaced regularly. This goes for the entirety of the salon. Floors should be kept hair-free, hairstylists must have clean work stations, and furniture that customers frequently sit on should be kept in good condition. Hairstylists also need to maintain good personal hygiene. 

Follow-up Appointments 

If you hope to get the best service, you must develop a good relationship with your stylist. A follow-up conversation or consultation after each appointment is a great way for your stylist help you maintain your hair. They need to ask if you’re content with your look, if anything has gone wrong, what to do about it, and recommend a date for your next appointment. This is also a sure sign your stylist is accountable for the results they present and the work they’ve done on your hair.

Richard Nienaber, a Redken brand educator, stresses the importance of stylists connecting with their clients to create “a shared reality.” In short, this process is an ongoing conversation where a hair journey or plan is laid out thoroughly. The client goes home, not only with product for home care, but also a solid understanding about what will be happening at future salon appointments to achieve her desired look or colour. 

Asking About Your Haircare Products and Routine 

Your salon wants to help you maintain healthy hair, so they need to know about your haircare routine and the products you’re using to decide on the best way forward in terms of treatment. This also helps the hairstylist choose the right methods for your hair, as different hair textures and lengths require specific equipment and products, depending on the desired effect. This is most important for damaged hair in need of repair as some products could make existing problems worse, while others could have no effect at all. Furthermore, stylists also use your hair routine information to offer advice on product purchasing, using the most effective routine for your hair type, and when to consider changing your habits.  

Matrix’s Terry Bloem explains the benefits of this professional approach for you: “Instead of just reading instructions off a bottle, stylists give you educated product prescriptions for aftercare use. Salon products, of course, last longer than retail products as they’re more concentrated, so you use less. These products also give you a salon feel every day, improving the quality of hair over time. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining professional colour.”

Meanwhile, Candice Jonker, Kérastase Business Development Educator, stresses the importance of the after-care routine your stylist will provide in addition to an in-salon treatment plan. “It’s imperative to ensure a commitment to this advice as the prescribed products, and ingredient technology, have been carefully selected to support and maintain the in-salon result, and ultimately assist you in reaching your dream hair.”

Staff Training 

It’s a great investment for any salon to keep their staff upskilled and their knowledge cutting-edge, as this will benefit you in the end. There needs to be continuous training covering various elements of the industry, from learning about the latest techniques and equipment to the proper use of new products and understanding their ingredients. If training is implemented, all the elaborate hairstyles that you could only dream of having become much more achievable.  

If your salon doesn’t meet these standard expectations, it may be time to find a new one with a track record of high standards and professionalism. Knowing you can trust a credible salon and its stylists will ensure you always get the best end result.  
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